Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Do you have any tips for playing Tropico 5?

Submitted by Anonymous Do you have any tips for playing Tropico 5?

Yes, I do actually. I have quite a few times for playing Tropico 5 and I will break them down for you. There are basically three modes for this game which are Story, Sandbox, and Multiplayer. Each of these can be tackled with different methods, so depending on what you’re looking for help with scroll down and keep reading.


One of the more difficult aspects of this game, I started story mode so many times before I found the right rhythm to actually complete it, and my main suggestion would be to save often. Finish a goal that was involved with the story? Save your game! This might seem like a simple suggestion, but it’s the best one that I can give. While you might finish one goal for the story you’re working on, you can completely screw up the next goal and have to start all over again, unless you have a backup save. Most of the time you’ll know what you did wrong and at least you can go back and start from your last save instead of starting story mode all over again.


This is by far the easiest part of the game. You’ll of course want to do the two trophies for the Sandbox version and those can both be done at the same time by playing on a tiny island that is going to have relentless disasters. Make sure to set your goals low and it should only take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Everything else that isn’t story related can also be completed in Sandbox mode because you can set yourself up to have unlimited money making those specific trophies that don’t relate to the story mode super easy. While this does take a little while, it shouldn’t take all that long.


This is a complete pain in the ass because let’s face it, if you can find some random to play the multiplayer with it’s very likely that they will just leave if they aren’t winning. They’re there for the same reasons that you are and that’s to get the trophies not actually play. What you’ll want to do is to get a friend to do this with you or go on and set up a game session. I can’t recommend this site enough because there are some really cool people on there that are willing to help people out. Unfortunately, after getting the platinum for this game I deleted it so I am no longer available to help, but there are a bunch of other people that are.

And there you have it, some tips to help you get by when it comes to playing Tropico 5. I hope they help and if you have a questions for a specific trophy, you can always ask in the comments section and I’ll make it one of my weekly trophy tips.

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