Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening

While this is really an expansion to the original Dragon Age: Origins game, I’m going to count this as a DLC because seriously when was the last time you actually seen an “expansion.” Really, just think about it. For me, this was the last expansion for a game that I’ve seen, but if I’m wrong feel free to tell me in the comments section. On with the review!

Taking place after the final battle in Ferelden, either your Hero died killing the arch demon, which means you’ll play as a new warden, or your Hero is alive and well, which means you’ll continue his or her story. As the new Warden Commander, you’re tasked with heading over to Vigil’s Keep in order to fix things up and watch over the neighboring town of Amaranthine. While you’ll run into some old friends and companions, you’ll also meet some new ones who will eventually become some major players in future games and some who will just fade into the background. This will also setup a little bit of Dragon Age: Inquisition as you’ll run into an actual darkspawn who can think for himself and has the ability to speak.

A lot of interesting things go on in this DLC as you try to adjust to your new role as Warden Commander. This takes place in a whole new environment and is completely outside the original game. You’ll have to make some hard decisions along the way which might come back and bite you in the ass, or for the sake of cannon will find a way to reverse itself in future games. While it takes a little bit away from the whole “your decisions matter,” while you’re playing this DLC it really doesn’t matter. Out of all the DLC for this game, I think this one has to be among my favorite as it continues your story. Yes, you don’t get any closure on your Hero’s story, but it was nice to continue with it.

Even though this game is separate from the main campaign, I remember that before this came in one whole collection with Origins that I actually had a separate disk for this game, the playability is the same. This was before the new “press a button and something awesome happens” way of thinking and this was still kind of turn based fighting. If you’re used to the way Origins played and ran then you’ll be used to this game doing the same.

While I couldn’t find any game breaking bugs or glitches for this DLC, I was a little pissed off that any special armor or weapons that I had did not accompany me and when I first started the DLC I was presented with my Warden wearing only her bra and panties. She didn’t even have some of the special weapons that I had for her with her. This has happened to me on multiple occasions so I’m going to call this a small glitch and say boo for it never being fixed or addressed.

This DLC added a whole 8 more trophies to the overall game, which has a staggering 77 trophies if completed fully. While most of them are story based and can easily be completed in one playthrough, there is one that is missable and it’s when you have to decide to save Vigi’s Keep or Amaranthine. This can always be worked around though by duplicating your save and picking the opposite the next time around without having to replay the DLC all over again.

Once again this game is free of that pesky multiplayer.

Overall I give this DLC / Expansion a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Great additional story that add’s to your Hero’s already existing story.
+ Talking Darkspawn that gives a little hint at things to come.
+ Some old friends come back and the introduction of some new traveling companions that will hopefully be seen again.

What’s Not So Great:
While this gives your more playtime with your Hero, this doesn’t present a clear ending for him or her.
Have some special armor or weapons? Yeah they don’t transfer over to this DLC.

I thought that this was just a really great addition to the whole Dragon Age: Origins story, even though it did have its minor mishaps. I really enjoyed just about everything about it along with the story and how it sets things up for the games to come. What’s great about it is that you don’t know that it’s setting things up for the things to come in the series until you actually see it happening. I think this this is a cool concept, but that’s just me. Anyway, if you’re a Dragon Age: Origins fan, I would say that this is a must and cannot be passed up. If you just tolerated this game then you’ll probably want to skip this one since it can add another 10-15 hours to your original playtime.

It’s no surprise that next week is another Dragon Age: Origins DLC. I told you that this game had a bunch of DLC and I basically played it all. Next week is a different kind of DLC though. While you’ve gotten the chance to expand on your Hero’s story and even play the villain, this time you’ll get to walk a mile in Leliana’s shoes as you learn about her back story. Come back next week and I’ll tell you what I thought about Leliana’s Song.


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