I Never Finished…Fight Night Round 4…Because

Fight Night Round 4

As I said before, I was a huge fan of this franchise. Huge. Day one I would head over to Blockbuster, rent out the game, keep it out for as long as possible and then return it completely satisfied. Granted, this was on my PS2, but when Fight Night Round 4 came out for the PS3 I was super excited because of how much fun I had with this franchise over the years. Keep reading to see why I never finished this game.

Following the same pattern as the previous games, this one just didn’t do it for me. It might have been the fact that in the previous games I was a huge fan of Career mode. In Fight Night Round 4, there was no career mode, only Legacy mode. For some reason this didn’t do it for me and the joy of a series that I once loved was gone. The career mode in any sports game really is the selling point for me. I love making my own characters and bringing them up in the ranks to become something great. For me changing this around to “Legacy” mode was a huge mistake by EA in my opinion, but that’s just me.

Out of the 21 trophies for this game, I was sadly only able to get 2. Major face palm because I really can’t remember the last time, in recent years, that this has happened to me. Like I’ve said before though, I wasn’t a trophy hunter in those days and was just playing to have fun and take my mind off things like school and work.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have zero interest in getting this game again or even trying to find this game and try to finish it. Even if I wanted to, this was an EA game so I’m sure by now the servers for the online play are down and trying to get the platinum would go out the window.

Now it’s your turn, did you feel differently about this game then I did? Maybe this was your favorite game out of the whole franchise and I have it wrong. Or…or maybe you just want to brag because you have then platinum trophy for this game and sadly I don’t. Let me know what you think in the comments section. For next week, another sports game because I was desperate for a sports game to play and just needed something. Unfortunately I didn’t like this game either and it’ll be one of those games that I never finished. I’ll let you know why I never finished UFC 2009 Undisputed next week.



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