Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 8 – A Journey’s End? Review (PS4)

Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 8

Having absolutely no idea that this episode was even released, weeks went by before I even got a chance to play it. Weeks. When I finally found out it was available to play, all I wanted to do was to play it in order to finish up this game, that went on too long, and get it off my system. Was the last episode worth all that extra episodes in order to lead to a satisfying ending? Keep reading to find out.

Picking up where episode 7 left off, if you can remember where episode 7 left off to begin with, episode 8 starts with Jessie and her(his) friends trying to get the Atlas in order to be able to go home. Turns out that Harper, one of four old builders, is basically a liar and will lead Jessie and her(his) friends into some more danger and some more chaotic stuff before they can actually get the Atlas. Jessie will be forced to make a deal with Hadrian, another old builder, to participate in some tournament type thing which is of course rigged in order to get the Atlas. Cut to some twists and turns and some ohh and ahh moments before the final ending of the story that ends on another cliff hanger setting this up for season 2 or maybe even another DLC pack. At this point, who knows.

As I’ve said before, I lost interest in this series a long time ago. Probably around the early episodes so this was basically as waste for me. I really hate how they tried to turn a game that’s about nothing into a game that’s about something by giving it this so-called “story.” The so-called “story” felt like a waste of time and so did this episode. It was like they made so many twists and turns that it wasn’t even interesting and bordering on confusing.

I will say that over the course of these games, the playability did improve. Gone was the switch on and off between the action cut scenes where sometimes you would have to move awkwardly and swing your sword and they were completely replaced with quick time events which was just fine with me. Other than that there were no problems with loading or anything else. This was a welcomed surprise and let’s hope this continues in the future.

The graphics were on par with the rest of the episodes and fit into the Minecraft world seamlessly. After actually playing Minecraft and then playing this game, the graphics seemed exactly the same and it made the game a little more enjoyable since they didn’t try to make the graphics into something that they aren’t.

Complete this episode and you’ll add the final 6 trophies to this game. Luckily all you have to do is play the episode. There’s nothing special so if you’re as bored with this game as I was then you can just do whatever and watch the trophies pop as each chapter of the episode completes.

At the moment Batman is the only Telltale game that has crowd play so this is still multiplayer free.

Overall I give this episode a 2 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ At least after an additional 3 episodes, the game actually ends although there is somewhat of a setup for a second season.
+ Nice graphics that let you know you are still in the Minecraft world.
+ A huge improvement to the playability factor of the game.

What’s Not So Great:
Setup for another season and I have no idea why.
A drawn out end to a series that should have been done with episode 5.
An overall boring episode that introduces you to the old builders but gives you no other information on their background making this episode look rushed.

Overall I am deeply dissatisfied with this episode and this series as a whole. What could have been something interesting and gave a game that’s about nothing some depth, I think it made the whole Minecraft universe even more boring and it seemed like even though the first 5 episodes were going somewhere, these last 3 were not. Unless you are a super huge Minecraft fan I would say to give this series as a whole a pass. It’s not worth the time or the money that you’ll invest in order to play.

Spoiler Alert! Here are the choices that I made for the eighth episode.

Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 8


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