Batman – Episode 2 – Children of Arkham Review (PS4)

Batman Episode 2

I was pretty much surprised that this episode came out as quickly as it did. I know I’m a little behind in reviews because the third episode is out also. Anyway, keep reading to see if the second episode was as good as the first or if this series, like other Telltale series, is going down hill.

Episode 2 picks up where Episode 1 left off. Bruce / Batman has just discovered that his family wasn’t so squeaky clean as he thought they were. Who knew right? Anyway, he has some inner battles with himself now as he tries to decide what he’s going to do. The best part is that this is basically all up to you. You’ll get some information about the major players in Gotham’s crime scene that was associate with your family while trying to take down this new group, The Children of Arkham. You also get some alone time with Selina / Catwoman and decide if you’re going to be someone that Gotham admires or fears.

For a short episode, a lot happens and it really sets up the course of the rest of the game. What will Bruce / Batman do now that his family has been revealed as just another corrupt family in Gotham? How will Batman combat with The Children of Arkham and how will this effect Bruce since it was his father who started Arkham Asylum. As I said before, I’m not a reader of the Batman comics and the most Batman that I’ve watched is the series Gotham so I don’t know much about Batman or if this even follows anything close to the comic books. I like that this seems different and a little more darker than what I would have expected from a Batman game. With the other Batman games, it’s clear that he’s the good guy and you have to do good guy things but this game deals a little more with not everything being so black and white. There’s a lot of grey area and I like it a lot.

The playability for this game has been a huge difference from the Telltale games of the past and I can only hope that this is a continuing trend. Action scenes are much more efficient and more reactive to your movements and feel more in real time than ever before. Loading times are down and the game runs really smoothly and flawlessly. This is really something that I never thought I would say about a Telltale game. Anyone who reads this blog knows how critical I’ve been of them in the past because of all these issues, but it’s nice to see that maybe they are changing for the better.

The graphics for this game are something that I really enjoy. They fit the whole Batman scene and just enhance the gameplay by a lot. Not every game can pull off the comic book / graphic novel type graphics but this is one that can. I really can’t express enough how much the graphics really fit the game and just enhance the game as a whole.

Finish this episode and you’ll get another six trophies to add to your list and make you another 6 trophies closer to getting the platinum that you’ll eventually get for this game. I like that Telltale made this more about the story this time around when it came to the trophies and all you have to do is play the game. There is no reason to do anything special so just sit back and enjoy the game for what it is.

While not exactly a multiplayer option, there is a crowd play option for this game. Unfortunately, I really have no desire to create a Telltale account to use this feature. When you think about it, it’s like every single game now a days require you to have some sort of account with them and it’s getting hard to keep track of all the different accounts that go with all the different games. At the moment I’m just being a little lazy so I didn’t get a chance to use this feature or see how it reacts with the game itself.

Overall I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Not everything is black and white when it comes to this game, there is a lot of grey area and it makes it interesting.
+ The story continues to be interesting as Bruce / Batman is faced with a moral dilemma after finding out more about his family.
+ Compared to Telltale games of the past, the playability has improved by a lot and that’s saying something.

What’s Not So Great:
The episode is a little short and this seems to be a trend lately with Telltale and their second episodes. Let’s hope they realize that this isn’t a good thing and change this soon.

I’m really eager to see where this game goes and play the next episode. So far the release schedule hasn’t been all that bad, but with the upcoming release of The Walking Dead: Season 3 all of that can be blown to hell. Right now it’s just a waiting game. While I do mind the wait for the episodes and would probably suggest waiting until all of them to release so that you can binge play them, at the moment I’m not going to complain so much because it’s one of those things that gets me to break from what I’m currently playing and play something new for a few hours.

Spoilers! Below are the choices that I made for the second episode.

Batman Episode 2


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