Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt

This is the very last piece of Dragon Age: Origins DLC. While I haven’t reviewed all of them, I’m still missing some trophies for The Golems of Amgarrak, this just happened to be the last DLC that I also completed for Dragon Age: Origins. There have been a lot of these reviews, so keep reading to find out if this falls into the good category of DLC for this game or the bad category.

Witch Hunt brings back one of the most beloved Dragon Age characters, Morrigan, in order to give some kind of closure to her story and let you know what happened to her after the end events of Dragon Age: Origins. One of the most asked questions after the end events of Origins was what the hell happened to Morrigan. She specifically tells your hero to not go looking for her, but of course it’s not like you can help it, so you do. Taking place a year after the slaying of the archdemon, Morrigan has been spotted again in Ferelden. What’s the famous Witch of the Wilds up to now? After some searching you’ll finally be able to reunite with Morrigan, but it’ll be up to you if it’s a happy reunion or not.

This was one of the Dragon Age: Origins DLC that I just absolutely loved. It still didn’t give closure to the Warden’s story, but it was another adventure with your chosen hero and it brought back Morrigan. Like Leliana, Morrigan is one of my very favorite Dragon Age characters and I liked how she was brought back and how it ties into the next two games as well. During this DLC you’ll also be able to go back to some familiar places and run into a few familiar faces as well, besides Morrigan of course. To give you a hint it has to do a little something with Enchantment. Needless to say it’s a cool add on adventure and I thought it was a nice way to finish off an epic game.

BOO! You weren’t expecting this one right? Of course not because I just said how much I loved this DLC. The boo really doesn’t have to do with this DLC, but the treatment of this DLC through the new way to import your Dragon Age games, Dragon Age Keep. Within the DLC itself you’re given three choices at the end. SPOILERS! You can let Morrigan go, go with Morrigan, or kill her. Now during the original game you could do any of these things playing either a male or female character, but thanks to Dragon Age Keep you are no longer able to go with Morrigan unless you’re a male and in a relationship with her. I hated this choice. Hated it! Even though your female Warden will never be able to get with Morrigan, there is a bond that can develop between them to the point where Morrigan even thinks of her as a sister. If you go this route Morrigan welcomes you to go with her, encourages it even, but Dragon Age Keep does not allow this and it cheapens the friendship / sisterhood that Morrigan and the female Warden have in future games.

While this can’t be played in game and has to be played separately, it still operates the same way as the main game with the controls and everything else. Unlike Leliana’s Song, there were no noticeable bugs or glitches that took away from the overall gameplay. Everything ran smoothly for this DLC, at least it did by the time I actually got around to playing it.

Like the rest of this game, the graphics are something that don’t hold up to today’s standards and for me they never really did hold up to any standards at that time. As I’ve said many times before though, for me this wasn’t important and the really important thing was the story inside of the game itself. Graphics be damned when it comes to Dragon Age: Origins because it’s my all time favorite game.

Play this DLC and you’ll be able to get another 4 trophies to add to the staggering 77 trophies that come with this whole game. While two of the trophies are easy to get and you’ll just have to play the game, the other two will require you to go above and beyond. One requires you to solve a puzzle while the other requires you to beat the boss of this DLC on Nightmare difficulty.

HINT: You don’t have to play the game or the DLC on Nightmare difficulty to get the Varterral’s Fall trophy. Before the final battle with the Varterral, pause the game and change the difficult to nightmare. Beat the Varterral and get you trophy.

Three cheers for absolutely no multiplayer.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ Closure for Morrigan’s story.
+ A nice story that leads into where the overall game is going as well as some of the books that go with the game.
+ Did I mention that Morrigan’s back?

What’s Not So Great:
No closure for your hero’s story making everyone wonder what the hell happened to the Hero of Ferelden.
Not all choices carry into the new Dragon Age Keep and it cheapens what happens when you actually played the game.

Even though not all the choices from this DLC or the game carry over into Dragon Age Keep, this is still really a worthy DLC. It opens the door for the other games to come along with some of the books and it gives some closure to the Morrigan story. I would say that even today if you don’t have the complete edition of Dragon Age: Origins that includes this DLC, then you should probably download it because you will not be sorry.

Now for next week, a completely different game because we’re done with Dragon Age: Origins. Sad right? But there’s a small catch when it comes to this DLC. I’ve played it three whole different times on the PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 and completed it each time. I’ll only be reviewing it once and I’ll let you know which platform I enjoyed it the most on. It’s The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days DLC. Come back next week and I’ll tell you all about it.


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