Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 5 – A New Character

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs, but the last time I went in for a session all that was really done was some background and then some touching up here and there to my current tattoo’s for my sleeve. I really didn’t feel like it was worthy of a blog by itself since it was just some scenery and stuff, but I did get some work done that added to my sleeve. Before we get into what happened this time, take a look at the added galaxy scenery and some more detail to FemShep.


I know that I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while what I was going to do as filler for the rest of my arm now that my two main characters were basically done, but the day has finally come for me to reveal my plans. On the back of my arm, near my elbow, my tattoo artist, who is great by the way, and I had decided to do a dying reaper to go with FemShep. This had been the plan for a while, but when it finally came down to it we decided to scrap this because I just basically thought it would look way to dark. Reapers are basically black and with the already existing galaxy background, I didn’t want something as dark to go in that area making the reaper not be able to stand out on it’s own.

Going in a new direction at the last minute, I wanted something that would blend into the Borderlands / Mass Effect mashup I have going and decided what would be better than a Borderlands psycho popping out over Femshep’s shoulder. My tattoo artist loved this idea and love the design of the Borderlands psycho and just ran with it. After a pretty long three hour session, this was the end result.


I can’t tell you enough how happy I am with the choice of adding this to the existing sleeve. I think it brightens up the sleeve as a whole and just looks pretty damn cool. It also gives the sleeve a more collage type feel to it and is just an awesome addition. As always the thanks goes to my awesome tattoo artist who is always willing to listen to my crazy ideas and then basically runs with them.

The bottom half of my sleeve is coming to an end though as we only have a few more spots to fill in with ink before moving upwards. My next appointment isn’t until December and as always I have it marked on my calendar and looking forward to it. To finish up, the plan is to cover up my crappy tattoo with the earth underneath FemShep completely and underneath Athea. There will be some more galaxy added to the empty spaces on the top and then some highlights along the rest of the tattoo to make it pop a little bit more. I’ll be able to give you a full 360 view of what the sleeve looks like after my last session.



  1. Those are amazing! I’ve been considering getting a sleeve too, but I don’t trust any of the tattoo artist in my area :).

    • Thank you! Trust plays a big part into letting someone add that much ink to your body permanently. Having a bad experience myself and now having to cover it up, I was extremely nervous trying to find someone to work on my arm. When you find the right artist though everything kind of falls into place.

      • Medieval Total War is a good game. It’s old, but it’s good. I recommend some of the newer titles like this one –

        It’s on sale right now and is only $2 more.

        If you’re looking for something a little simpler I recommend Civilization V. It’s a good starting point for people new to the strategy genre. Total War Rome II is also a good starting point than the older Total War games in my opinion. So anything after Rome II would be good to get into.

      • Hopefully I’ll find the perfect tattoo artist. Gotta have some trust if you’re going to let someone draw on your body :). I really love your sleeve, and that psycho on your back is glorious. I’m very jealous right now :).

      • Thank you so much! As much as I love my Athena and FemShep tattoo, I have to admit the Psycho is pretty badass looking. I think you’ll find someone when you least expect it. When I first met my tattoo artist I was actually looking for the owner of the shop to work on me, but he said how much he had wanted to do a video game based sleeve and asked if I would give him a shot. I did and the rest is kind of history.

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