I Never Finished…Guitar Hero Hits…Because

Guitar Hero Hits

There was a time, a long time ago, when I thought that the Guitar Hero / Rock Band games were the greatest games that were ever released. I spent hour after hour playing the original Guitar Hero games on my PS2. I used my “guitars” so much that I was replacing them just about every time a new game came out. I absolutely loved these games as they let me live my dream of not only playing the guitar, but playing my favorite song on guitar. So why did this game become one that I never finished? Keep reading to find out.

By the time Guitar Hero Hits came out, Rock Band had already come out as well. Because of this, it wasn’t your typical Guitar Hero game. This was Guitar Hero with Rock Band elements. While I enjoyed both games, I really felt that adding all of the aspects of Rock Band into Guitar Hero just made it seem like it wasn’t something original anymore, that it was just a copy of something else. Guitar Hero was about playing the guitar while Rock Band was about forming a whole band. The games, while in the same genre, were completely different. This merged them together and I just really didn’t enjoy the format

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get a pathetic 3 out of 51 trophies for this game. Better than getting 1 or none, but still it’s only 3 trophies. I think that even if I was devoted to getting trophies at this point, which I wasn’t, that I still wouldn’t have been able to finish this game. The difficulty of the trophies alone are crazy and require you to play on expert. I’m lucky if I can play on hard and not get booed off the stage. Plus there was this new element of multiplayer and at this time my PS3 wasn’t actually connected to the internet. I was currently living my non-trophy hunting, non-connected to the internet phase and had no interested in playing online with other people.

Probability of this game getting played again…2 out of 5.

I wouldn’t say that my interest in this game is strong but it’s not completely dead either. This game did have a really great collection of songs on it and if for some reason I was at a point where I had absolutely nothing to play at all, I would seek this game out and play once more.

Now it’s your turn. Were you as disappointed with this game as I was and decided not to finish it? Maybe you think I didn’t give this game a good enough chance and should revisit it, or you can brag about having the ultra-rare platinum trophy that goes along with this game. As always, let me know in the comments section. Now for next week, I hadn’t given up on the Guitar Hero franchise yet because after I returned this one to Blockbuster, I immediately went out and rented Guitar Hero 5. See a pattern here? I’ll let you know why I didn’t finish that next week.


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