Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – The Walking Dead: Season 1 – 400 Days

This DLC for The Walking Dead: Season 1 was kind of an in between DLC. It came out long after the first season of The Walking Dead was already released and just a little bit before the second season was released. It was released on all 3 different PlayStation platforms and I had the chance to play on all 3. Keep reading to see what I thought of the overall DLC and which platform I preferred playing on.

Taking a break from the season ending episode of The Walking Dead, 400 days centers on the first 400 days of the zombie apocalypse and how it affected the lives of different people from different walks of lives. In this DLC, you’ll have the chance to play as 5 different characters. You’ll play as prisoner Vince on day 2 of the outbreak as he’s being moved on a prison bus. He’ll have some difficult choices to make in order to try and survive. Next up is Wyatt on day 41. He’s traveling with a friend and did something pretty horrible. Wyatt and his friend will run into some trouble as they try to escape not only the zombie apocalypse but also the person chasing them. Russel’s story takes place on day 184 as he’s trying to get to his grandmother’s house to see if she’s safe and sound. Russel will run into some trouble on the road and it’s a good lesson on why you shouldn’t hitchhike. On day 220 you’ll meet Bonnie. She’s a former drug addict who is currently traveling with a married couple. The addition of an attractive (?) woman, or any woman at this point, is going to cause trouble between the married couple and Bonnie is really no help in the entire matter. Last is Shel and her sister Becca on day 236 and day 259. Stuck in a group that’s turning on itself and accusing each member of stealing, Shel is going to have to figure out what’s best for herself and her sister.

I thought this was a brilliant addition to The Walking Dead: Season 1. It showed how the zombie outbreak was taking its toll on everyone as the days continued on and things continued to get worse. Was there hope? At the end, each of the survivors thought so and if you played their characters a certain way you might have gotten a glimpse or two of them in Season 2. You’ll even notice that Bonnie has a much bigger role in Season 2. If I didn’t like this DLC as much as I did then I wouldn’t have played it on three different occasions. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the 5 short stories that took a break from the season 1 ending episode and found it nice to see how people from different walks of lives were coping.

Depending on which system you choose to play on, the game will play differently. If you’re playing on the PS3, expect the same lag and overall other glitches that occurred while playing the first season of the game. On the PS Vita, expect a little bit of a better game that doesn’t lag all that much. Personally, I found the PS4 version to have no lag or usual glitches that Telltale games have had in the past. Other than that the gameplay is the same for all three versions with only the PS Vita adding the choice of using the touch screen to make your decisions.

The graphics for this game were the same style as the first season of The Walking Dead. It was that comic book / graphic novel type style that works really well for this game and enhances the overall game. I would say that while all three systems had the same graphics that of course it looked a little bit better on the PS4. That’s not to say though that it didn’t look good on the PS3 or the PS Vita, because it did.

There are of course trophies for this DLC. There are a total of 8 different trophies for this game. While 6 of them just require you to play the game like normal Telltale games do, there are two of them that require you to do a little more than just play the game. They’re both pretty easy to figure out and really shouldn’t give you any trouble.

No multiplayer for this DLC on any of the systems.

Overall I give this DLC a 5 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ You’ll get to play as 5 different characters who, depending on your decisions, may or may not reappear in season 2.
+ Each story, although different, all come together at the end to form a big ending moment.
+ A nice in between DLC that will bridge together the gap a little between the two seasons.

What’s Not So Great:
Depending on which system you play on there are some common Telltale problems.

Which Console was the Best to Play on? For me, it was the PS4. I really enjoyed that there were no lag or other glitches with this version and that everything ran smoothly. My second choice would have to be the PS Vita because I enjoyed being able to use the touch screen at times even though there was some lag and other glitches. If you only have a PS3, then I would say that it’s still worth it, but you’ll have to experience some of the lag and other glitches.

Overall I thought this was a really strong DLC and I kind of wish they would have done something like this as an in between for Season 2 and the upcoming Season 3. Something that didn’t focus on Clementine, but something that focused on other people that were still struggling and that would maybe make an appearance in the upcoming season. There’s really no reason not to get this DLC since if you get this game on disc it usually comes with it. If you’re like me and downloaded the original game, I would still suggest spending the extra money to get this DLC.

Now for next week. A game that I really didn’t enjoy all that much, but my special edition came with the DLC and there was no way that I wasn’t getting 100% of the trophies. Next week I’ll let you know what I thought of my first completed DLC for L.A. Noire – A Slip of the Tongue.


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