This Week in Trophies 10-30-2016 – 11-05-2016

I’m not going to lie, I said this would probably be a week full of Skyrim and basically that’s what it was. I did start the new PS Vita game that was released for PS+ as free this week as well though, but just not all that much. Here’s a breakdown of the trophies that I was able to get this week.

Skyrim – 21%

So yeah, I played a lot of Skyrim this week. Like a lot of it. I didn’t get that many trophies, but it was still enough. Skyrim is one of those games where the trophies don’t really come easy and I enjoy earning them in that slow pace way. I am nowhere near done with this game as I just got finished with the third main quest this week. I did finish all the Companion quests though and I’m currently working on the Dark Brotherhood stuff. I also started Dawnguard which I never got a chance to play on the PS3 even though I had all the DLC. I’ve also been working on my house which takes up way too much time. Anyway, as you can probably tell, I’m having an absolute blast playing.

Skyrim SkyrimSkyrim SkyrimSkyrim SkyrimSkyrim SkyrimSkyrim SkyrimSkyrim

Letter Quest Remastered – 9%

I downloaded this game this week because well, it was free. Also because it gives me an opportunity to use my Vita which unfortunately just sits in its case most of the time. Anyway, this is one of those games that I’m actually enjoying because it involves spelling. Yes, I am a scrabble addict and this kind of plays into that but in a different sort of way as to where you’re spelling words to deal damage to monsters. So far I think it’s pretty awesome.

And that was it for the week, not that much and I expect the following week to be the same. While I’m concentrating mostly on Skyrim, I will get some Letter Quest Remastered in there along with finishing up some of those free games that I downloaded for my PS4 like Gems of War and AdVenture Capitalist. I’ll let you know how things went next week.


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