Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – Is the Trophy “Taken for a Ride” glitched for Fallout 4?

Submitted by Anonymous – Is the Trophy “Taken for a Ride” glitched for Fallout 4?

Because I personally didn’t have any problems when it came to playing this DLC myself, I had to look this one up. For me everything worked as it should and I got this trophy when I should, but there seems to be a lot of complaints when it comes to this trophy. A lot of people are getting stuck after this quest is just about over when you’ve beaten the overboss and have become the new overboss. A door is supposed to open for you, but for those of you that are having a glitch the door doesn’t open and you can’t progress. I’ve seen people talking about uninstalling and reinstalling the DLC, but that doesn’t seem to work, and neither does restarting the game.

I couldn’t find evidence of this problem being solved so I’m going to say that before you even start playing Nuka World that you create a main back up save for your game. By this time you’ve already probably spent hundreds of hours into this game and there’s no reason you should lose all of your data because of a glitch. Once you have your main save, create another save to play off of. If everything works out fine then you can delete your backup save if you want, but if things don’t work out at least you can go back to a time before you played Nuka World.

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