This Week in Trophies 11-13-2016 – 11-19-2016

Another super exciting trophy week as I got not only one but two platinum trophies! I know, I know I’m pretty awesome. All joking aside though, I did have a pretty busy work week and didn’t even turn on my PS4 most of the week. My days off have just been one big gaming fest which is how the two platinum trophies came into play. Anyway, here’s a breakdown of my trophies for the week.

Virginia – 100%

I stared and finished this game last week and was able to get the platinum trophy first thing last Sunday morning. I don’t really know what to think about this game, but you’ll have to wait and see my full review in the next couple of weeks so that I can tell you about it.

Virginia VirginiaVirginia VirginiaVirginia VirginiaVirginia

My Name is Mayo (PS Vita) – 100%

Since this was a cross-buy and I didn’t hate the game, I figured I would give it a chance on the PS Vita and see how it was compared to the PS4. Like always you won’t hear about what I thought here, you’ll have to wait for the full review in a couple of weeks.

Skyrim – 38%

I’m still having a pretty good time as I leisurely play this game. I’m trying not to rush because I want to fully be able to enjoy the game. The only thing I wish I had was more time to actually play, but I’m not sure that’s going to be happening any time soon. Nevertheless it was nice to get some random trophies for this game this week.

Skyrim SkyrimSkyrim Skyrim

Letter Quest Remastered – 19%

I’ve been playing this every once in a while this week while I watch some TV. This is one of those games that I like for the Vita because I can play the game and watch TV at the same time. While this also means that I don’t get that much playtime in, it’s still a decent amount of playtime.

There you have it. All of the trophies that I was able to get this week for a grand total of 63 trophies this week. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me especially since I haven’t gotten this many trophies in months, maybe even as far back as last year. Now for next week I plan on playing as much as possible when I have a chance since I have a not so busy week. I’ll be playing some more Skyrim, some more Letter Quest Remastered, and I’ll be playing the new episode of Batman. I’ll let you know how everything went next week. In the meantime I hope everyone who reads this blog has an extremely happy holiday, eat lots of turkey, and games as much as possible!


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