Tallulah Review

With HBO kind of lacking lately for my Saturday night movie, I decided to turn back to Netflix in order to get my movie fix. I had this movie on my list for a little while since I had first seen the trailer and figured why not. I enjoy a bunch of original Netflix series, but never gave any of the movies a try. Keep reading to see if this was worth it or if it’ll make me skip original Netflix movies.

Tallulah revolves around well, Tallulah, played by Ellen Page. She’s kind of mixed up and doesn’t really know what she’s doing or where she’s going in life. Every day her idea of what she wants to do changes. Today she wants to go to India and live like these so-called happy people do, tomorrow she ends up stealing a baby, and the next day she decides she’s going to sell lemonade from the back of her beat up truck. The second one though is what really matters. After searching for thrown away food in a hotel she is mistake by a drunken mother for the hotel housecleaning. Entrusting her small child with Tallulah, this unsuspecting mother gets more than she bargained for because when she finally awakens from her drunken stupor her baby is gone.

I like the fact that Tallulah thinks that she’s doing something right when she takes the baby, although it’s kidnapping. The mother is clearly unfit and she’s trying to do what’s best for this baby even though she doesn’t even know what’s best for herself. I found this movie to be one of self-discovery. Unfortunately, it wasn’t done alone as she gets other people involved and actually lies to them, but none of it is done with malice. I like to think that at the end she actually helps the people around her find their own happiness. I really enjoyed this movie and found the movie to be both interesting and intense. There were those small laughable moments, but I really wouldn’t count this movie as a Comedy.

The cast is the most important part of this movie. While it’s clear the star role is Ellen Page as she plays Tallulah, she’s supported by Allison Janney who plays Margo, the mother of Tallulah’s ex-boyfriend. In the movie there is a unique chemistry between the two characters and they both learn from each other. Both on screen performances are powerful and really make the movie.

Overall I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this first ever Netflix original movie that I got the chance to watch. It was a heartwarming and heart breaking story all at the same time. It showed how three different people live and learn based off of the events that happen in the movie. Although this isn’t a movie that I would watch again, I enjoyed watching it the once and would recommend that you give this little movie a try. I will say that the movie did drag at moments and it took away just a little bit from the movie, but it’s worth it to experience the overall story.


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