My Name is Mayo Review (PS4)

My Name is Mayo

With so much hype and chatter around a little 99 cent game, I had to see what all the commotion was about. With that price tag I figured if the game was a complete flop then at least I didn’t spend too much money on it and I could at least play it on the PS4 and PS Vita making it only 50 cents per console. After taking a whole hour and 24 minutes to play and complete the game, here’s what I thought about it.

Who knew that this game would have an actual story to it. And a good story too. While tapping the mayo jar you’ll be greeted with some random facts and when you change the outfits on the mayo jar you’ll be treated to some different stories depending on what outfit your mayo jar is wearing. At the end of it all, when you tapped the mayo for the very last time, you’ll be greeted with the games overall message which I won’t spoil, but it kinda made the whole game worth it.

I have to say that my first five minutes in I was thinking, “what the hell did I get myself into! Now I have to tap this damn mayo jar for who knows how long.” I rolled my eyes and grumbled to myself as I tapped the mayo jar over and over again. This was the whole game! Seriously? But then I actually went to the rewards section and it opened up a bunch of different possibilities for the game along with a story to go with it. Yes, you still just have to tap the mayo jar, but each tap gives you the opportunity to unlock a new part of the story which is actually quite thought-out and pretty damn amusing.

So the gameplay is super simple and all you have to do really is press X and tap the mayo jar. It’s hard to believe that anyone could have messed this up. There are no bugs or glitches that come with this game and if there were I would have seriously been pissed because it’s just so simple. The most difficult thing that you’ll do in this game is probably keeping track of the different stories and outfits that your mayo jar will wear.

This is the only part of the game that bothered me. The graphics. They were just really weird to me and it kind of looked like a game made out of clipart at times. I thought that this took away from the game at times and really didn’t enjoy this game visually. I know that a lot of times probably went into the graphics for this game, but it was just not really that great.

There are surprisingly 51 trophies for this game including a platinum. Yes, you read that correctly there is a platinum trophy for this 99 cent game. It’s crazy right? I’ve paid more money for games that don’t have a platinum and this one does. I don’t even know what to say about it.

You’ll be tapping the mayo jar alone in this one as this is strictly for one person.

Overall I give this game a 4 out of 5. (I really can’t believe I’m rating this game that high!)

What’s Great:
+ An actual story! Also, multiple stories that have different meanings behind them and an end message that is universal.
+ Super simple playability, you only have to hit X while hovering over the mayo jar.

What’s Not So Great:
– Bad graphics. It looks like a bunch of clipart was thrown together which sucks because someone probably worked pretty hard on these graphics.

I never thought that I would be saying that this is actually a good game. I kind of went in thinking that this game was going to suck and I didn’t know what all the hype was about but now I know. For 99 cents, you can’t go wrong as you can play it on the PS4 and the PS Vita. If you’re looking for a super simple platinum trophy, then I guess you can use this game but I really urge you not to. This game is more than just an easy platinum trophy and has an overall meaning to it. I would say that if you get this keep an open mind and actually read what the story has to offer.



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