How to Be Single Review

As you can probably tell, I watch as many movies as I do play games. Probably more so since I’m so behind in my movie reviews. Anyway, I wasn’t really interested in seeing this one even though it did have Rebel Wilson in it who I think is hilarious, but I watched it anyway because it was on one Saturday night as an HBO premier and I figure if I pay for HBO I might as well watch some of the movies and not just Game of Thrones. Keep reading to see if it was worth watching.

How to Be Single revolves around Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, and her move to the big city. Don’t all these movies start off like that? She wants to start a new life in New York and that means leaving her long term boyfriend behind in the wake. She wants to have the New York experience, which apparently means whoring around, and doesn’t want a boyfriend to tag along with her. Clueless on how to be single, Alice will have some help from her super single co-worker Robin, played by Rebel Wilson. Will Alice be happy being single or will she long for the boyfriend that she gave up in order to do so?

While funny at times, this movie wasn’t all it was made up to be. Most of the funny stuff came from of course Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann, who wasn’t even in a starring role. I think what hurt this movie the most was that Alice was one of those characters that you couldn’t relate to. Nothing made her stand out to the audience and say, “yeah I’ve been there.” In a movie that was centered on Alice, it really didn’t come across that way. I enjoyed more of the sub stories rather than the story of Alice who couldn’t make up her mind if she had to be with someone to be happy or if she could be single. Maybe it’s because she seriously reminded me of someone I used to know or maybe it was just because she was a dull character.

Until I looked it up, I didn’t know that Dakota Johnson had been in so many other movies. I thought this was her second movie, the first one being Fifty Shades of Grey (which I have no desire to even see) because she seemed flat and unexperienced as an actor. In a movie which could have been better, it seems the supporting cast had a much more involved role as they tried to carry this movie themselves. I will say that even though I enjoyed the part that Rebel Wilson played in this movie, I would love to see her take a break from this typical character that she plays in this movie, which is similar to the one she plays in Pitch Perfect, and play a completely different role to show that she can still be funny. I thought the rest of the cast was great and was surprised by a really stellar performance on the part of Leslie Mann.

Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 5.

It’s rare that in a movie I’m more interested in the sub plots, like the one about Alice’s sister, compared to the overall main plot of the movie. This was just a weak movie based on a Sex and the City type fantasy. If you think about it, there were four ladies in this movie, each of them could have been one of the girls from Sex and the City with the same personality and goals for life. If I wanted to watch Sex and the City I would have just watched the series or the first movie. Not the second movie, never the second movie. Anyway, I would say give this movie a pass unless you want to see an unsuccessful rip-off of Sex and the City.



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