Waffle Street Review

So I picked this movie to watch on Netflix because it seemed like one of those little obscure movies that I never even heard about or seen an original preview for, but it seemed interesting enough that it was worth giving it a watch. I generally tend to like these types of movies because they aren’t Hollywood blockbusters and they don’t need to be. Keep reading to see what I thought about this movie.

Waffle Street tells the true story of James Adams and his riches to rags story. A somewhat jaded hedge fund manager, James, played by James Lafferty, gets laid off after being used as a fall guy for a big transaction at his work place. Not knowing what to do next, James enters the working class world and starts to work at a local Waffle house. Setting his sights big, he is determined to work 1,000 hours in order to open his own franchise. What he learns from his experience is how to be humble and that he should be doing something that he really loves.

I found this movie to be a not always so real look at what happens when the mighty fall. Whereas James went and really wanted to work towards a goal, a lot of people in his position would have run crying to Daddy for money to survive. James didn’t want that though and he wanted to be able to make it on his own. In his position he meets people that he would have never worked with before in his life and it ends up making him a better person. I found James easy to root for in this movie and hoping for the best outcome for him even after he stumbles. He’s a somewhat relatable character and the movie gets its message across clearly enough that it is not only interesting but also touching at times and funny.

While the movie really focuses on James, making the other characters in the movie mostly obsolete, there is one stand out character in the ex-con that James befriends while working at the Waffle house. Played by Danny Glover, Edward Collins, is the man that helps James see things differently. The on screen chemistry between the two actors is something that helps this movie get its message across and enhances the overall movie.

Overall I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

Taking a break every now and again from those big blockbuster movies is nice, especially when those big blockbuster movies don’t always live up to the hype they generate. While I wouldn’t necessarily call this an “Indie” movie, it does have the same qualities so if you aren’t into Indie movies then this wouldn’t be for you. If you’re looking for something that isn’t a Hollywood big budget and has a lot of heart, then this is the movie for you.


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