Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Peggle 2 – Windy the Fairy Master Pack

I bought this game long after the release of it. Not because I didn’t want it or waited for a sale, it was because this game was brought to the Xbox One first and then later it trickled down to the PS4. I loved playing Peggle on my PS3 and it’s still one of those games that I’ll pick up from time to time and play just because. Anyway, like most games this game also had DLC that went with it. Although I didn’t feel that this game needed DLC, I picked it up anyway. Keep reading to see if it was worth it.

While there’s no story that goes along with this DLC, you will be given a new character to use in the Peggle universe and it’s a cute little owl like creature. You’ll also be given additional objectives as well as some new levels just in case you haven’t played enough Peggle already.

I won’t lie to you. The only reason why I got this DLC was because it actually helped with the platinum trophy for this game. With the 30 new objectives you get it means that you don’t have to do every single objective in the game, which is close to impossible and you can miss a few objectives here and there. Other than that I did enjoy the new character and the levels that came with her. I thought that I would be done with my Peggle 2 experience by the time I finished the main game, but the DLC added some more play time to the overall game and it wasn’t all that bad.

Because this incorporated into the game, it wasn’t a separate experience and it played out like it was originally part of the game. I’m still on the fence with this when it comes to DLC because I really think that it should be some sort of separate experience. If it isn’t then why wasn’t it incorporated into the original game to begin with? As always, that’s a different discussion and just like the rest of the game it played out nicely and there were no noticeable bugs or glithces.

As with the rest of Peggle, each level has it’s own graphics and this had a more whimsical feel to it. I really enjoyed the way each level was laid out and the graphics that went with it. Overall this was a nice graphical representation of the game and it was cool to look at while you were playing. I will say that sometimes the background graphics get in the way of the actual level graphics and makes it hard to distinguish between the two.

Purchase this DLC and play everything the DLC has to offer and you’ll get yourself another two trophies to go along with your overall Peggle list. The trophies aren’t hard and just really require you to play the game so there shouldn’t be a problem.

There is multiplayer with this game and with the DLC since you can use the character in the multiplayer but it’s completely optional, meaning I didn’t play it, and you don’t have to play it to get the whole Peggle experience.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:

+ A new character for you to play in with new powers and who is super cute.
+ New levels and new objectives.

What’s Not So Great:
Graphics are nice but sometimes interfere with main board of the game.
All this DLC did was really add on another character that should have been in the original game.

While I did enjoy my time playing this DLC, I wouldn’t call this DLC a must have unless you’re trying to go for the platinum trophy and you want to have the additional objectives so that you don’t have to all 180 that the original game has to offer. Also, this DLC isn’t that bad if you want to expand on your Peggle experience. Giving the option though, if I didn’t need it for the trophy then I probably wouldn’t have gotten this DLC.

Now for next week, the one DLC for Peggle 2 just wasn’t enough and I needed some more objectives because I obviously suck at Peggle. Next week I’ll let you know about the second and last DLC for Peggle 2 which was Jimmy Lightening Master Pack.


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