I Never Finished…Heavy Rain…Because

Heavy Rain

This game was actually a pre-order for me and was probably the first game that I ever pre-ordered for my PS3. I had an absolute blast playing Indigo Prophecy on my PS2 that when I learned that Quantic Dream was releasing their first game for the PS3, I knew I had to have this game Day One. Lucky for me, I had recently lost my job at the time so I had no problem playing this game for hours, but I still never finished this game, keep reading to find out why.

Heavy Rain revolves around four different characters that you’ll get to play and learn more about during each scene. One of these four different characters is the Origami Killer and the rest are basically trying to stop him. You’ll play as loving father Ethan who has tragically lost his oldest son and has had his life just fall apart. His youngest son is kidnapped and he’ll be send on various different trials to get him back while the police think that he’s behind all of this. Then there’s Madison, she’s a journalist with insomnia trying to discover the truth about the Origami Killer. You’ll also play as drug addicted Normal Jayden who was brought in by the FBI in hopes of finding the Origami Killer before he takes his next victim and finally you’ll play as Scott Shelby. Scott is a former cop turned private investigator who is also trying to get to the bottom of Origami Killer. The only catch is, one of these four characters is the Origami Killer and it’s up to you to figure out who it is in time.

I absolutely loved this game. Yes the voice acting and some cinematics are bad. Everyone remembers “Press X to Jason” right? If not, you should seriously look it up on YouTube because it’s awesome and you should totally know your video game meme’s. Anyway, this was an amazing game that had me guessing to the very end and I enjoyed the fact that it reminded me of those Goosebumps choose your own adventure books because the first time everyone plays, they could have a totally different experience from one another. The only reason why I never finished this game was basically because I never got around to experiencing all of the endings or the possibilities. There are a lot of ways this game could go and I never got around to all of them.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 42 of the 57 trophies because when I first got this game, I did play it a lot. Just not enough to see all the different endings. I was also still not into trophies at this time so it didn’t bother me that I didn’t have all of them for this game, I just wanted to make sure that every experience was enjoyable. Out of the ones that I do have, I’m only missing a few specific trophies that require you to do specific things and to see all of the endings.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

As I said in the beginning, I actually pre-ordered this game and I still own it, it’s still sitting in my game sleeve with all the other games sitting around it waiting for that one day when I decide to take it out and play it again. If I actually think about it though, I can see myself playing this very soon. I haven’t played this game in a really long time and wouldn’t mind getting back into this game.

Heavy Rain

Now it’s your turn. Is this also one of your unfinished games? Maybe you were like me and never got a chance to see all of the endings which made this game unfinished for you. Maybe you have the platinum trophy for this game and you were able to do absolutely everything this game has to offer. Let me know in the comments section below! Now for next week, as I had also said in the beginning, this is the part of my life where I had lost my job and it was a really really long time before I was able to get a new one, so I figured since I had so much time on my hands I might as well game. I still wasn’t into trophies though which was why I’ll tell you next week why I never finished God of War II.



  1. I wasn’t able to play Heavy Rain because I went the Xbox 360 route. So I watched a Let’s Play on YouTube and thought it was great. Heavy Rain would be a sick TV Series.

  2. I loved this game and playing it for all the different endings was fun. Some of them were pretty dark. And the platinum feels so rewarding. The driving sequence is extremely rough but feels good to do. One day I will play Beyond but have heard bad things about it though. Have you played it?

    • I watched a couple of the different endings on YouTube and I agree, they were really dark. I was able to get the ultra-happy ending more than once, if you could call any of the endings ultra-happy. I would love to add that platinum to my collection, so maybe one day.

      I played Beyond a couple of times and thought that it wasn’t a bad game. Compared to Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy it wasn’t really up to par, but that didn’t make it bad. It was just different. Quantic Dream took a chance with that game and I applaud them for that.

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