Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 6 – Moving Up

I can’t believe that there’s been 6 parts to this blog series this year. Thinking back on it, I got a lot of ink this year. Of course it’s fun, if not a little bit painful at times, but it’s been something that I’ve wanted done for a while now I just was never able to find the right artist for it. I was either brushed off as someone who wasn’t series about getting a full sleeve or unfortunately met some pretty pretentious artists who just turned me the wrong way. Anyway, I had my latest session this month and even though I was supposed to finish up the lower half of my sleeve, I’ve come to learn that things don’t always work out that way.

Finally having a laid out plan for where I wanted to go moving up, my artist suggested that we start working our way up and then go back and fill in the rest of the sleeve once everything was done in order to have a more cohesive sleeve that looks like it all fits together. So how are we going to do that? We’re going to make it look like a movie poster of sorts. There will be a bunch of various different Mass Effect / Borderlands characters running up and down my entire arm with one character getting the spotlight. I know which character will be getting the spotlight, but I’ll let that be a surprise to you guys.

Anyway, the first character to add to my upper sleeve was one of my favorite Mass Effect characters. She just happens to be my FemShep’s favorite blue lady and a staple point in the Mass Effect series. If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s the very lovely Liara. The picture that I had chosen for Liara was exactly what my artist was looking for and had no need for him to go searching in for something better. It’s based off of one of my favorite pictures of her and he did a great job of transferring it over and also making it original.

Liara Concept Art Liara Tattoo Drawing

Trying to cut down each character to one session, my artist took four hours working on this piece on my arm. During this time we watched a full movie on Netflix along with a bunch of random Family Guy episodes. By the time it was all done, with the white highlights added in and some other highlights that were a little unexpected, I was pleasantly surprised that he did a terrific job of bringing my favorite blue lady to life.

Liara Tattoo

As always, I’m amazed by the amount of work that my artist does and the way that he’s willing to work with me. And I’m of course thrilled with my new tattoo, even if I do have to cover them up at work. Unfortunately, this will be the last session for just a little while as I take some time to recover and then think about the next character I want to add to my sleeve. I already have my characters picked out, but I’ll have to choose the next one that’ll be added to the sleeve. Which character will it be? You’ll have to wait and find out!



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