Gaming Goals for the New Year 2017

I like how this is a yearly tradition since this monthly blog is on its third year now. It’s all because of the people that read and comment and it just encourages me to keep going with it because I must be doing something right. Last year was a complete fail fest as I only accomplished one goal, but at least I did learn some important lessons and made some pretty good progress. This is a new year though and new years are meant to be optimistic, although I’m a total pessimist, so here’s an entirely new list of goals that I’m going to set for myself for this upcoming year of gaming.

Gaming Goals for 2017

Have a total of 100 platinum trophies.

I know, I couldn’t even hit my goal of 80 last year so I must be crazy to move it up to 100. Is it a crazy goal? Yes, but I really want to hit that 100 milestone and join the 100 platinum trophy club. It’s a very prestigious club that no one else I know has entered into and I want to be the first. I have a huge amount of backlog coupled with a bunch of games that I want to get this upcoming year and I think it’s going to be a great gaming year.

Have a total of 8,500 trophies.

This goal is going to stay the same as last year because I really like this number for some reason. I don’t know, it has a certain je ne sais quoi about it that I just like. Will I be able to reach this goal this year, I sure as hell hope so with the amount of games that I plan on playing. Will I have time to do it? That’s another question that will be answered by the end of the year.

Have 150 games completed at 100%

I upped this goal by thirty games this year because I already hit that 100 mark and I figured that if I did that then I could at least try to hit the 150 mark. Another goal that I have no idea if I’ll be able to get or not, but it’s a nice notion to think that I can try and get this done. Will I be terribly disappointed if I don’t achieve this goal this year. Yes. Seriously though, probably not but saying yes adds to the drama.

Have an overall completion rating of 75%

Damnit I want that 75% completion showing up under my name when I check my profile at! This may be the year that I actually do it, or it may be the year that I blow my completion rating straight to hell. Either way it’ll be interesting to watch it go up or crash and burn.

Complete 10 RANDOM games featured in my I Never Finished…Because…blog

I’m not making a list this year of games that have to be played. You see how well that went last year. This year I’m just saying that there were a lot of games in my weekly blog, I Never Finished…Because…that I gave a 5 out of 5 probably of playing again and I want to play them and complete them so that I can say I finally finished them. By doing this I also want to welcome a challenge to anyone that reads this blog. When I play one of my games off of my I Never Finished…Because list, I’ll let you know and if you didn’t finish the game either, you’re welcome to play and try to finish it before me. A little competition never hurt anyone.

Play and complete 20 RANDOM games in my backlog.

If you read this blog at all you know that my backlog is crazy huge. Making a list didn’t work last year so I want to make it completely random. If I feel like playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, I’ll do it because I want to not because a list says I have to and if I want, which I most likely will, I’ll complete it and it’ll be one less game siting in its wrapper waiting to be unwrapped. Here’s what’s going to qualify as backlog though. I have to have purchased it before the first of the year and it has to never have been played before. Yeah, I think I have more than a couple of those that I can maybe reach this goal with this year.

Only pre-order 5 new games and save the rest for Black Friday and holiday sales.

This goal worked out really well last year, and I only pre-ordered 4 games. Yes this year will be a little harder, but I think that it can still be done. There is a catch though, this year I will not be making a list of games I didn’t pre-order. If I can still remember the games that I wanted to play but didn’t pre-order during the course of the year then I will deem them worthy of a holiday buy, if not then I’ll simply pass them up. I already do have a list though of games which I’ll most likely pre-order this year which include:
1. Mass Effect: Andromeda
2. For Honor
3. South Park: The Fractured But Whole
4. Sonic Mania Collectors Edition
5. ????
This leaves me with one empty spot this year and I think the only way I’ll really be screwed is if by some random chance a Dragon Age game is released, The Last of Us Part 2 is released, God of War is released, and Death Stranding is released all sometime this year.

Here’s looking forward to another happy year as a gamer! I’m really excited about these goals as I’ve been wanting to play some games that I talked about in I Never Finished…Because and this gives me the chance to play some games that I’ve been wanting to play since I wrote about them. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any goals for this upcoming year that pertain to gaming? Let me know in the comments section below and as always, happy gaming!



  1. Ooh nice list of 5 preorders. How about Horizon. That looks very promising. New IPs are always welcome these days too.

    • Already pre-ordered that last year! Had to make sure I was able to get the collectors edition just in case it sold out. That statue that comes with it looks badass.

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