I Never Finished…God of War III…Because

God of War III

Even though I told you last week that I would be adding this game to the list, it had to be a no brainer since I’ve already played both God of War and God of War II. If I played both of those games why wouldn’t I play this one too? Unfortunately, though if the game is featured on this blog it also means that I didn’t finish it. Keep reading to find out why.

God of War III was heavily set up in God of War II and if you played all the games leading up to God of War III then you knew that this would be the game that our anti-hero (?) Kratos finally went after Zeus and took over Mount Olympus making him not only the God of War but also the God of all Gods (?). Not only will Kratos take on Zeus who spoiler alert is his father, anyone else see this Star Wars like twist coming, but he’ll have to stop all the other Gods that are left and stand in his way. Will Kratos accomplish his goals? Will he destroy the whole world doing so? But the main question is, will he finally free himself of his past mistakes.

This is another one of those finished but still unfinished games that I have in my collection. I completed the whole story, which with God of War isn’t hard to do, but I just didn’t get all of the trophies. As with the other two God of War games, I really enjoyed this game and thought it was a decent ending to the series as a whole. I know it’s hard to believe but I still wasn’t into my trophy hunting phase when I played this game which is why it remains unfinished.

As you can see from the picture above I was able to get 24 of the 36 trophies available for this game. I find it funny with this series of games because it seems like with each game in this series I miss the same trophies over and over again. Most of them are for the collection items and the combos. As well as the Titan Challenges. These are basically the same trophies that I missed in the other two games as well as the trophies that I’ve probably missed in the other three games that I haven’t discussed here yet.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

A friend of mine played this on the PS4 and I heard all about it making me want to play it again on the PS3. The only problem I see myself running into is the fact I’m not sure if I can beat the game on Titan mode. Other than that this is one of those games that I would really like to play again especially with the new God of War coming out sometime this year or next year. If I have a good time playing on the PS3, I might even play on the PS4 since I got this game free thanks to a contest held by Santa Monica Studios. Not to mention that of course I still own my PS3 copy which makes it easier for me to just grab this game and play it whenever I want.

God of War III Sleeve

Next week is a game that I thoroughly enjoyed on the PS2 because it had a Max Payne feel to it. Max Payne was one of those games that I absolutely loved and was totally interested in playing something that felt similar. While I enjoyed it on the PS2, it was one of those games for me that went onto the PS3 and made me go eh, which is why you’ll be reading next week why I never finished Dead to Rights: Retribution.



    • Thanks for the guide, but I think I’m probably just going to go through Titan Mode without it. I want to see if it is really as hard as everyone says’s it is. This wouldn’t be my first or even my last difficulty trophy so I’ll give it a try.

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