Battleship Review (PS4)


During the holiday sales, which to me were kind of lackluster last year, I picked up the Hasbro Family Fun Pack. It had all the games I had thought about purchasing, but never got a chance to do so because I had one of the “eh” feelings every time I went to purchase it. With this fun pack of four whole games in my hand I decided to make Battleship my first game.

I couldn’t believe this had an actual story. There are story missions that revolve around you being chased by Dark Sun. You’ll play through 30 levels until your final encounter, but there’s also a bunch of different modes including a new take on Battleship that let’s your ships use different power-ups as well as everyone’s favorite classic mode.

The story was surprising and threw me for a loop. Was it any good? Not really, but I wasn’t expecting one anyway. I was just expecting to play Battleship. While I’m sure Ubisoft thought the mission stories were a good idea, I found them a little campy and flat. After a while they became annoying and I just wanted the game to be over. I thought, like scrabble, you would just be able to play at your leisure and not have to be bothered completing a story mode. It just didn’t work out this time around. I did enjoy the ships new power-ups though that helped you along in the game when you were playing in the new mode. Classic mode was the same that you’ll play when you actually play the board game. Anyone ever play the actual board game? I know I did. I used to play all the time with my cousin which was actually faster than this games classic mode which took forever to play.

You would think that Battleship would be simple. You pick a piece on the board and you place your peg. You hit your opponents ship and it turns red. Well, the classic mode is like that, but the new mode where the ship has power-ups has a little bit of a learning curve to go with it. Other than that the game runs pretty smoothly except for the one time I had to restart because it stalled. Besides that one time there were no noticeable bugs or glitches.

I was expecting some old school graphics to go with an old school game, but was pleasantly surprised when I was introduced to a whole new set of graphics to go with a whole new game. The graphics, while not the greatest, were decent for the game that showed off the different ships, what happened when the ships fired or were hit. There was a lot of effort put into the graphics and they fit the game.

There were a total of 15 trophies for this game. Each of them were super easy to get and really just require you to play through the story mode. Once you do that you’ll only have to cleanup a couple of trophies here and there which wasn’t that hard to do. It’s an easy 15 trophies that if your diligent should take a few days or less to collect them all. A big thank you and shout out to LMD who was willing to help me get the one multiplayer trophy for this game.

There is multiplayer in this game, which I did not play, as well as local multiplayer, which I did play. In order to get a trophy you have to at least play one local multiplayer match. This can be done through SharePlay which was how I did it. I’m sure it wasn’t the game itself, but the SharePlay was just horrible, like it normally is and the match was barely playable. Not the games fault, but still putting it out there for whoever is going to do the local multiplayer for the trophy using SharePlay.

Overall I give this game a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ It’s Battleship, with a twist at times.
+ New and improved graphics that aren’t the best but work for the game itself.
+ A surprising story mode.

What’s Not So Great:
The story mode gets a little played out after a while and becomes boring really fast.
After the story mode, there isn’t much to do and just about no replay value once you get all the trophies.

While this game was ok, I wouldn’t recommend buying it alone. If you purchase this game in the Hasbro Family Fun Pack, then it’s worth it because at least you have 4 different games to choose from and get your money’s worth. If you purchase this game by itself, I would be prepared to be disappointed in the game especially for the amount of money paid.


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