Sick with the Flu

Because a co-worker decided that she was going to come to work sick, instead of staying home and I had to endure a day of her coughing everywhere without her covering her mouth, I am now sick with the flu. Amazing right?

Because of this, all blogs are cancelled for the moment. The moment that I’m feeling somewhat decent again, I’ll start blogging again. Until then I’ll be on the couch passing in and out of consciousness without even being able to game.

Thanks again co-worker! You’re the best.



  1. Damn that sucks :(.

    Something similar happened to me too when I was in a waiting room. Dude next to me kept coughing and got mad at me when I told him to cover his mouth. People act like they never learned any manners when they were young or something.

    Get well soon 🙂

    • Thank you!

      I swear it’s seriously like people have absolutely no manners anymore. This isn’t even a young person or anything, it’s an older woman and it was just like you should know better. The concept of covering your mouth when you cough or covering your nose when you sneeze was drilled into my head over and over again when I was a kid. Just pisses me off especially since missing work means no pay.

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