Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Mass Effect 2 – Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

This DLC was one of the DLC that came with the game but had to be downloaded separately because it wasn’t part of the package. It was weird, but anyway after finally hooking up my PS3 to the internet, it took me weeks to come up with a PSN name that I thought was so cool at the time and is now just a major face palm and then I downloaded this DLC. I had already played this game various different times and figured it would be nice to have an additional squad mate. Keep reading to find out what I thought about the overall DLC.

This is strictly a character DLC. Yes it comes with its own story, but mostly you’re paying to get a new character to add into your crew. Another person that you have to keep alive when it comes to Mass Effect 2 and if you already have your set squad, it’s probably someone who will sit in his part of the ship and say the same thing over and over again when you go to talk to him. Anyway, this DLC introduces you to probably one of the coolest guys in Mass Effect, Zaeed. Zaeed is a mercenary for hire and he’s only going to help Shepard if you help him. Isn’t that the way it works with any Mass Effect game / character? Anyway, you’ll get some backstory on Zaeed and find out he was one of the original members who had started the Blue Suns. You’ll learn that the other original member of the Blue Suns, a notorious gang in Mass Effect, is there and now Zaeed wants him dead. It’ll be up to you to go for the original mission or to help Zaeed get his revenge.

RIP In 2013, Zaeed’s voice actor Robin Sach’s died at the age of 61. Robin played the part of Zaeed perfectly and brought life to this character giving him some pretty memorable moments and some memorable quotes in the Mass Effect universe. I remember when he died there was a Mass Effect 3 MP event that paid tribute to him and a banner to go with it. That will always go down as one of my favorite banners for the Mass Effect 3 MP. Thank you for your work Robin, you did an amazing job and you are missed.

Character DLC’s are kind of BioWare’s thing. It’s not the greatest and this hasn’t been the first characters based DLC of theirs that I played. This being one of the earlier ones, isn’t really that great compared to my personal favorites which is From Ashes, but we’ll talk about that in another blog. Unfortunately I didn’t use Zaeed all that much because I pretty much had the perfect squad of Miranda and Garrus. Although I did enjoy the short story that went along with him, after that he didn’t really contribute that much to the overall game and he was kind of a take him or leave him character. Did you need him? No. Was he fun to have around? Yes.

Like with the rest of the game, the playability for this DLC had some very similar experiences of stalling and crashing. This is never fun, but it’s a common BioWare problem. That being said, it shouldn’t be excused and I think at this point the company should have this problem fixed but it seems to be a staple point in each game. Other than that, the DLC fits perfectly into the overall game making me think that Zaeed should have always been included and given a bigger part, but that’s just me.

The graphics for this DLC are the same even though you’ll be introduced to a new planet / area. It’s the typical structure for Mass Effect 2 along with some wildlife around it. It’s kind of a repeat of pattern that has been used in the game before and wasn’t all that original to begin with, but it works.

Finish this DLC and gain Zaeed’s loyalty to get 1 trophy. Yes 1 single trophy. Fail to get his loyalty and he’ll probably die at the end of Mass Effect 2 <- obvious spoiler, then you’ll have to play all over again to get the trophy. To get his loyalty you kind of have to play as a Renegade, but you can still do this and end up as a complete Paragon. I’ve done it multiple times and it wasn’t a big deal.

Mass Effect 2 was strictly a single player game, like all RPG games should be. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the introduction of MP in Mass Effect 3, but it just wasn’t needed. Yes it was fun and it made me dump 900 hours of my life into it and I can see dumping another 900 in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda MP but this game didn’t need it and it didn’t have it.

Overall I give this DLC a 3 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ The introduction of Zaeed who is an awesome character in the Mass Effect universe.
+ You get an extra mission and an extra squad mate at the end.

What’s Not So Great:
Re-used area for Zaeed’s story based mission.
After the mission, there’s not much for Zaeed to do because you probably already have your set squad mates.

This DLC was mediocre at best and basically a money grab for people wanting to add additional characters into an already overloaded ship of squad mates. Seriously this game had so many squad mates that you could have not had Zaeed and you would have never known the difference. That being said he is a really cool character and he’s well developed because that’s one thing BioWare does, they make sure each of their characters are memorable in some way and have these pretty cool back stories to go with them. Unless you are in desperate need of a new squad mate I would say skip this DLC unless it comes with the game, which in my case it did.

Now for next week, another Mass Effect 2 DLC. I waited a really long time to get this DLC because I thought it was a lot of money. Funny how now DLC’s range anywhere from $10 – $20 and here I was complaining. It’s not my favorite DLC and might even be the worst. You’ll have to see my full review next week of Mass Effect 2 – Arrival.


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