Suicide Squad Review

I really had no intention of watching this movie. At all. Nothing about it interested me even though I am a DC movie fan, but there was one factor that did interest me. That was the rental price of $.50. How bad could a movie be, I mean it was only $.50 and it’s not like I was spending a ton of money to see it, so I figured why not. Keep reading to see if my mind changed by the end of the movie or if I was right about it all along.

Suicide Squad revolves around a group of known DC criminals coming together after the death of Superman in order to help save the world. This mixture of villains are just thrown together by U.S Intelligence officer Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, in order to stop her secret weapon The Enchantress, played by Cara Delevigne, who she lost control of. It’ll be up to Deadshot, played by Will Smith, Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, and a bunch of other misfits who really don’t have much screen time to be bothered to break them down in order to stop the Enchantress from ending the world.

Worst version of The Joker in a movie. Ever. I’m just going to leave this here because wow. Jared Leto had to of played the worst movie version of The Joker ever. The acting was bad, the way he portrayed The Joker was just bad. The whole thing was a train wreck. I’m sorry, but this is not The Joker that’s been played to perfection by people like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger this was some sorry excuse for The Joker and I would like for nothing more than for it to be forgotten.

Watching this movie was a complete and utter chore to watch. The plot was just thrown together for the sake of this movie having some kind of plot. Everything happened way too quickly and there wasn’t enough time to focus on each and every member of the suicide squad. There were your standout members like Deadshot and Harley Quinn but other than that it was made clear early on that the other characters just didn’t matter as much as these two characters. They were kind of untouchable in the movie as where the other characters were expendable and it really didn’t matter what happened to them. The movie could have ended with them all failing and the world ending and it would have been a better ending than the whole movie.

What can I say about the horrible acting that took place in this movie other than the fact that it was horrible. This was surprising because there were some pretty good actors in this movie like Viola Davis, why did you do this movie Viola, and Will Smith who in his own right is a pretty decent actor. Was the script not good enough for them, did they just not care about the role, or maybe each role was so irredeemable that no matter how they acted it would have still come off as bad. We’ve already went over how much of a failure the whole Joker thing was, but now let’s talk about how much of a failure the whole Harley Quinn thing was. I know that Harley Quinn is supposed to be over the top and is so in love with “Mr. J.” although he’s a complete and utter sociopath but the whole fake accent thing that made her sound like Cyndi Lauper was what did it for me. I couldn’t help but cringe every time she opened her mouth.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

I would in no way recommend this movie to anyone. I don’t care if you’re a DC fan or if you really want to see this movie, it’s just not worth it. I can never get back the two hours of my life that this movie completely wasted. I could have been doing anything else and it would have been more fun than watching this movie. I would have gladly cleaned my entire office instead of watching this movie and would have done so happily. It’s pretty sad when you would rather do something like clean up other people’s garbage then sit down for a relaxing two hours and watch a movie, but that’s how it is with this movie. This was a huge waste of time and I’m thinking an even huger waste of money to produce this movie. Please do not make the same mistake I did and watch this movie, but as always the choice is yours. At least you’ve been warned.


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