Catlateral Damage Review (PS4)

Catlateral Damage

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a cat? No? Me neither, contrary to popular belief and a lot of stereotypes I am a huge dog person. My dog, my little buddy who I occasionally show off on Twitter and if we play anything together on the PS4 you’ll hear me telling him to shut up from time to time, might act aloof and cat like but he’s still a dog. That being said I figured I would still give this game a try since maybe I was missing something on the whole cat thing, so keep reading to find out if this game has changed my opinion and totally made me into a cat person or if I’m still a dog person.

There really isn’t a story with this game. Huge surprise right? You’ll play as a pissed off cat who wants nothing more than to destroy his/her owners house because of some weird reason. You’ll have a set amount of time to knock down a set amount of objects in each level in order to become the most annoying and destructive cat ever. You’ll also have a litter box mode, which sounds gross, that will give you an unlimited amount of time to just run around and destroy everything.

I really did not like this game. All of this takes place in first person view so all you’ll see is a little paw that you have in order to knock stuff over in a block type world. Nothing is really round as everything has hard edges, but we’ll get to that later in the graphics section. You’ll do the same thing over and over again until you just want to fling your controller out the window or you just plain give up because no one wants to put that much effort into something with little to no reward. This game is not rewarding in anyway. Even when the trophies popped I didn’t get the sense of accomplishment that I usually get, I just wanted the game to be over because once you get through the main campaign there’s nothing to do but play the same thing over and over again as you grind your way to the platinum if you want the trophy.

The playability of this game was simple. Look around, knock things over, rinse, and repeat. You’ll do this over and over again throughout the whole game. Let’s not forget that you also get to jump because apparently that’s something that cats do. Jump. In high spots just to knock more things over. I was glad to see that there were no bugs or glitches in this game, which with such a simple game it would have been a real damper to have things go wrong. At least everything worked and that has to count for something right?

Now to the graphics. The graphics for this whole game were just weird. Everything had hard edges, even things that were round. I don’t know if this was the look that the developer was going for or what, but everything was just weird looking. I didn’t like it and it didn’t help that this was in first person view because it really messed with my eyes. When it comes to games this is never a good thing and I found the graphics something that contributed to me not being able to play for all that long. How long can you play as a cat anyway, but the horrible graphics didn’t help either.

If there weren’t trophies for this game I would have seriously been done with this game within the first 15 minutes of playing and wrote it off as a waste of 15 minutes. Being the trophy hunter that I am though I actually wasted a hell of a lot more time trying to get the 33 trophies that come along with this game. Each trophy is basically a grind as you have to knock down a certain amount of items, complete so many objectives, play as a cat for so long, collect things, collect power-ups, and so-on. These trophies are in no way hard, but it’s just the grind that you’ll have to put into the game in order to get them that makes them frustrating and extremely annoying.

There’s no multiplayer for this game, a saving grace because I couldn’t see having to share play this with someone or actually play online with someone in order to get some trophies or complete the game. It’s bad enough I had to do it, but to make someone else endure this game would make me feel horrible.

Overall I give this game a 1 out of 5.

What’s Great:
+ If you play this game when you’re pissed off at something, it actually helps relieve some of that as you can just break a bunch of random things without consequence. I would personally rather play Borderlands in this situation, but this game could help too.

What’s Not So Great:
It’s the same “mission” over and over again until you can’t take it anymore.
There’s no overall plot and the litterbox mode is basically a waste of time.
Weird graphics and a weird first person perspective that made my eyes and maybe yours do some funky things.

I give this game a strong pass unless you love cats, want to be a cat, or want to have a cat like experience. Saying that, I wouldn’t be so eager to buy a game called Doglateral Damage either after the experience I had with this game. I’m at least lucky in the sense that I picked this game up on sale, but that’s not always the case. I’m surprised that this game actually sells for $9.99 because it is the biggest waste of time ever. I know that there are a lot of trophy hunters out there that will want this game for the trophies, but do yourself a favor and skip it. There’s a lot of grinding and by the end of it all it’s not even that rewarding.


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