I Never Finished…WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011…Because

WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2011

Since I wasn’t such a big fan of the 2010 version, you can read about why I didn’t finish it here, I figured why not give the 2011 version of this game a try. Why would I do this? Because I was still searching for that WWE game like I had on my PS2. It’s sad I know, but it’s true. I have to say that I did at least get a little further on this game compared to the previous one. You know the deal though, if it’s featured in this blog it means that I never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

This game follows suit of the previous WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw games and has basically the same features to it. Truth be told, I haven’t played one of these games in ages so I have no idea how they perform anymore or if they follow the same pattern of play as they did, but at this point in time each game that came out was basically the same thing over and over again.

With this game, I still didn’t find what I was looking for. At this point I probably should have given up, but I didn’t. I just couldn’t get into these games no matter what I did. This is coming from someone who would pre-order these games on the PS2 just so I could get them day one. I played these games so much on the PS2 that I could easily play the game with any superstar from start to finish in the story mode that’s how much I played. Not to mention all the original people that I would spend hours creating. None of these games were what I was looking for though and after giving this one a little more of a chance than the previous it was returned because I just wasn’t into it.

At least I was able to get more trophies for this game than the 2010 version. Yes, the trophies that I got were the simple ones. Win the match, counter a move, use a submission, win by KO, and etc. Like I said, simple trophies. All of them are still missing time stamps though. Do you know why? I still refused to hook my PS3 up to the internet. All of that goes away soon though as I have one of my first time stamped trophies. I want to say that the whole time stamp thing and people actually being able to see my trophies made me into a trophy hunter, but I really think it’s because at this point of my life I really had nothing better to do.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

I have no desire at all to play this game again not to mention that of course by now the servers are officially closed and even if I wanted to I couldn’t get the platinum trophy for this game leaving it still unfinished. With games like this, I really don’t mind that they remain unfinished even though it makes me scowl sometimes when I look at them on my trophy list.

Now it’s you turn. Have you played this game? Loved it? Hated it? Have the platinum trophy for it? Let me know in the comments section below and now for next week, a game that I actually own and have played recently although I didn’t get any trophies while I played. This game had a major major draw for me even though I thought I was done with the Rock Band / Guitar Hero type games and I’ll give you some insight to that next week. But for now you’ll have to wait until next time when I let you know why I never finished Rock Band 3.



  1. I know the feeling. My xbox games list has so many barely played games. But having only gotten a PS3 in 2013, I decided to only play games I really wanted, and most of those had achievable completions. Although there are still too many rpgs I’m nowhere near beating, like Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, and Tales of Symphonia 😦

    • I think that everyone kind of goes through a phase where they play just about anything they possibly can before getting to the point of where they only play the games that they want to play.

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