Controller Breaking Trophies – Watch_Dogs – Social Lubricant – BEFORE THE PATCH

Watch Dogs Social Lubricant

While not the first trophy that made me want to break my controller by smashing it to the floor and then stomping on it until it was a pile of little pieces, this trophy definitely takes the cake. This trophy caused so many controller breaking moments that I was just going to give up, but I didn’t. What caused me to try even harder to get this trophy? The mention of a patch coming I that basically made this trophy super easy because of all the complaints. Totally unheard of and it made me want this trophy even more so that I can say that I got it before the patch.

The Game:Watch_Dogs
The Trophy:Social Lubricant

I was really having fun with this game. Yes, the game had its problems. I’ll admit that, but that really didn’t ruin it for me like it did for other people that played. This was one of my first PS4 games and I was having a really good time playing it and just taking in everything the game had to offer. The platinum trophy seemed to be in my reach until I hit a wall.

I hit that wall when I seen that in order to get the Social Lubricant trophy I had to complete these drinking games in a bunch of the towns in order to get one trophy. How hard could that be right? I was about to find out. So I breezed through a bunch of the levels until I got to the levels that just seemed impossible to complete. No matter how many times I did each different level I would still fail over and over again. I tried a bunch of different tricks to try and get the levels complete but nothing worked. I felt like I would have to rewire my brain in order to get this trophy.

I was about to give up and just toss this game that I had been enjoying into the garbage, but then I heard about this patch. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was having a hard time with this trophy, so there was going to be a patch to fix it. A patch to fix a trophy! This got me pissed off and motivated to get this trophy. Who patches a trophy because it’s too difficult. That’s like playing a sports game and being on the losing team but still getting a trophy. Only winners get trophies and I was going to get that trophy before the patch.

So how much time have you spent trying to get this trophy? I started at the release of the game and then stopped when I couldn’t get it. Re-motivated by the patch I began from scratch and even documented my progress on YouTube, which you can check out below

Have you gotten the trophy yet? Yes! After just about three weeks and 30 video’s to go along with it, I finally got this trophy. Unfortunately this was way before the whole trophy snapshot thing so I don’t even have a picture of it.

Now it’s your turn. Did this trophy give you as hard of a time as it did for me? Were you able to get the trophy before or after the patch? And be honest. If you got it after the patch, you got it after the patch. Let me know in the comments section below.



  1. I played Watch Dogs for an hour and deleted it off my PC :).

    Glad you enjoyed it enough to get the trophies.

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