This Week in Trophies 03-05-2017 – 03-11-2017

With Mass Effect: Andromeda right around the corner, I’ve been trying my hardest to finish up as many games as possible because of the fact that I just didn’t have enough space on my system for everything. This is the reason why my backlog is so huge to begin with. Out of sight, out of mind and that’s how it’s been with most games. Little did I know that the news PS4 update would be coming out this week allowing everyone to finally use an external hard drive. So, while there is still a little bit of a rush to finish some games, I don’t have to worry about storage anymore. Even though I made progress in some games, it was basically an meh kind of week when it came to trophies.

Horizon: Zero Dawn – 47%

I’ve only been playing this game on my days off because this is the type of game that feels like there’s so much to do that if I only have an hour or two to play then it just isn’t worth it. That being said, I am enjoying the time that I’m playing, but I’m still not sure about the game itself. I’m about mid-way into the story and while it’s interesting, I think the side stuff is just meh. I think that when I finally finish the game I’ll be able to judge it a little bit better.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon: Zero Dawn Horizon: Zero Dawn

Gems of War – 86%

With the newest updates came a bunch of trophies as my fellow Gems of War players already know so while I’ve been slowly working my way to getting 100% on the main game, I’ve also been working on these trophies as well. I was able to get one trophy from this game this week, but I did level up a bunch and I’m still trying to figure out how to get the other DLC trophies.

Gems of War

Annnddd…that was it for the week. Not really that impressive compared to my other weeks, but it is what it is. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten some trophies in For Honor, which I have been actively playing if I didn’t keep getting the same error message over and over again.

For Honor Error Message

I’m getting really tired of this error message and getting kicked from just about every single game, but I will continue to try and play this game this week as well as trying to finish up Horizon: Zero Dawn. I’ll also be playing some Gems of War as well. This of course will all depend on how I feel since I’m pretty sure a cold is coming on. This isn’t a -cough-Mass Effect just came out and I can’t work-cough- kind of sick, which I was in no way planning, but an actual cold because my favorite fellow employee came to work sick again. On a serious note though, this is cold and flu season, I understand that if you can’t work you don’t get paid, I really do, but please cover your damn mouth when you sneeze and cough so that you don’t spread your germs. Seriously, if you don’t get paid for not being at work, chances are your fellow co-workers don’t either. Back to gaming though, I’ll let you know how things turn out next week.




    • I think I’m just going to have to spend a little more time playing Horizon in order to fully appreciate it.

      At the moment, I’m not on Facebook, but when I create a page I’ll be sure to join the group.

      • Absolutely! That will help boost your page. I do it for my cosplay page xD

        Yes, I think you should, the story is just too compelling.

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