I Never Finished…Rock Band 3…Because

Rock Band 3

Last week I told you that there was a reason why I went out and bought this game even though I basically had sworn off these music games. I felt like these music games really hit their high mark when they were out for the PS2, but then they just became way over done. Feeling like that, why would I then go out and actually buy this game? The introduction of the keyboard. A long long time ago, an uncle of mine went out and got me piano lessons for my birthday. These were classical piano lessons with a pretty popular teacher at that time and I kept up with them for a couple of years until the playing the piano became extremely uncool. So now you know why I had to have this game. The real question is, why didn’t I finish it? Keep reading to find out.

Like your typical Rock Band / Guitar Hero games this one had all of the same features as the games that came before them. Quick play mode, career mode, create mode, and etc. The only thing that changed each time with these games was the playlist. This one of course had more music with a keyboard / piano influence to them because why go out and buy a plastic keyboard to go with this game if it only had one song on it that had the keyboard right? Anyway, this game was in no way special compared to the other games and was just typical.

I really enjoyed playing this game and playing the keyboard came naturally to me while I played. Being trained classically meant that I never got to play what I wanted on the piano. This game let me do that. I was able to play Bohemian Rhapsody and it was awesome. I spent hours upon hours playing this game over and over again, but like with all of these types of games after a certain amount of time it starts to get boring as you’re doing the same thing over and over again. Sure you can go from playing on easy, to playing on medium, to playing on hard, but no matter how you look at it, it’s the same thing over and over again. That gets really boring for me after a while and the game along with the plastic keyboard got tossed to the side.

This was one of my more decent Rock Band / Guitar Hero games as I was able to get 11 out of the 50 trophies this game has to offer. I got a handful of random trophies for doing random things, but these trophy lists are always hard and require you to play on the hardest settings for just about everything. While I could have probably done this with the keyboard, playing those settings on the vocals, guitar, and drums was never happening no matter how hard I tried.

Probability of this game getting played again…3 out of 5.

So…I still have all the equipment for this game along with the game itself. The plastic equipment isn’t sitting in a landfill somewhere it’s actually stored away in my closet. I guess that’s kind of like the same thing, but moving on I feel like if I was really in the mood I could pick this game up again and start playing. That being said I would never do it to try and get the platinum or even get any trophies for that matter, instead I would probably do it to spend an afternoon just messing around.

Rock Band 3 Sleeve

Anyone else have this game and all of the equipment still? Is it stored away in your closet or some random part of your house now? Or is it in a landfill along with the million other plastic guitars? If you have the game, how far did you get with it and what was your favorite instrument to play? Let me know in the comments section. Now for next week, a game that had to be the hardest game I have ever played. Ever. I died a bunch of time within the first ten minutes of the game (you probably know which game that I’m talking about already) and got so pissed off with the game that I returned it the same day to blockbuster. Know which game it is? Next week I’ll let you know why, even though you probably already know, I never finished Demon’s Souls



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