Sausage Party Review

Sometimes I don’t know why I do this to myself. You know when you know that movies are just going to be horrible, but you watch them anyway? I try not to do this too often, but every now and again that movie comes along where you know, you just know, that it’s going to be a horrible movie for whatever reason. Like a car wreck though, you just can’t look away or avoid it sometimes. I knew this going into Sausage Party, but did I come out thinking the same thing? Keep reading to find out.

Sausage Party tells the story of Frank, played by Seth Rogan. Frank is a sausage in this animated / Pixar type movie that dreams of being taken home with his girlfriend Brenda, played by Kristen Wig, the bun so that they can live with the Gods so that they can finally become one (if you get my drift). Both Frank and Brenda have been so good as they’ve stayed in their packaging, only opening their packaging once in order to “touch tips,” as they wait for Fourth of July where they know, they just know that they’re going home with one of these Gods. Finally getting picked, things go out of control by a suicidal honey mustard jar and set forth the events of the movie. Frank will uncover the truth of what happens when food goes to the home of these so-called Gods and it’s not as great as he thought it would be as he’s going to be turned into a meal because, well because he’s a sausage and that’s what happens. Frank isn’t going to let that happen though and he’ll rally the whole supermarket behind him in order to prevent it.

Even as I type this review, I can’t believe that I’m typing it. There’s a point in any comedy movie where being vulgar can be funny to the point where you’re gripping your stomach because you’re laughing so much or it can be the opposite. This movie was the opposite. This movie was vulgar just because it could be vulgar and that took away from what could have been actually funny. I want to say that I am in no way a prude and have what some people like to call a “trucker” mouth, but this was just over the top and not in a good way. There were a lot of cringe worthy moments in this movie and even though there were some laughs, they were few and far in between.

The main two characters are of course Seth Rogan and Kristen Wig, but has a supporting cast of Edward Norton, Sammy Bagel Jr., Salma Hayek, Theresa the Taco, and a bunch of other actors that play brief roles in this movie. For a movie that has that many actors in it, you think that it would be somewhat decent. This isn’t always true, look at other ensemble movies like News Years Eve and you’ll know what I’m talking about. When it comes to this movie, it just seems like a waste of talent.

Overall I give this movie a 1 out of 5.

While this movie covers a lot of topics like religion, the whole Israel / Palestine thing, along with some other social injustices, this isn’t the main point of the movie. It acts as fodder for what turned out to be a not so funny take on an adult orientated Pixar type movie. I found this movie to be an utter waste of time, but I guess that’s what happens when you watch two similar movies back to back. I kind of put Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, which I reviewed last week and you can read here, in the same category because if you seen them you would too. Anyway, I would stay as far away from this movie as possible. It was a complete waste of time and even though it had those few laughable moments, it wasn’t enough to sustain a whole movie.



  1. Agreed. This only got a laugh from me when the food that was taken home got peeled, knife through the back, etc. That was pretty hilarious as you knew it was coming and the shocked reactions as they never saw it coming was great but that was about it. Very vulgar and OTT and not really that funny at all. A missed opportunity sadly.

    • Very much a missed opportunity. I don’t think this movie was at all redeemable in any way. Like I said, a huge waste of time. I should have watched something else.

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