The Countdown to MegaCon 2017 – Part Two

As you already know this is the one event that I attend each and every single year. I’ve been doing so for the past three years now making this MegaCon my fourth. After last month’s blog, there were a bunch more people announced and it seems like the announcements just keep on coming making me think that this year’s MegaCon is going to be awesome. Of course, I’m expecting some last minute cancellations, like there usually are, but that’s just part of it. Anyway, let’s get into what was announced since the last blog I posted which you can read here.

After those big announcement’s last time, there have been even more. Some big, some not so big, and some that’s just the usual stuff like some more comic book people that are going to be there as well as some more Cosplay people that are going to be there. Concentrating more on the bigger guests though since this blog is already pretty big, let’s start with the announcement of Richard Dean Anderson.

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson was the star of Stargate SG-1. I remember watching this show on Showtime when I was a kid, but this isn’t one of my must see people. I was hoping that they would sort of do a reunion of Stargate people, since this seems to be the year of reunions, but that was a no go apparently.

The next announcement had me pretty excited because I’ve enjoyed her work in the Dragon Age franchise where she played Talis in both Dragon Age II: Mark of the Assassin and Dragon Age: Redemption, but I’ve also really enjoyed the show that she created which was The Guild. Know who it is yet? Of course you do, it’s Felicia Day.

Felicia Day

This was a really cool announcement since everyone knows I’m a huge Dragon Age fan and I really enjoyed watching and re-watching all six seasons of The Guild on Netflix. If you haven’t checked out that show yet, you should because it’s a really cool show. It’s funny because each of the characters are like people that I actually game with which was probably the point of the show to begin with.

Next up was Scorpion star Elyes Gabel, which was kind of a surprise. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching Scorpion from time to time, but I wasn’t expecting one of the stars to show up at MegaCon.

Elyes Gabel

While I was going to skip this autograph session, this has landed on my maybe list since I know a couple of people who would like an autograph and autographs usually make the best gifts around the holiday time and stuff like that. Plus, autographs are nice surprises and people are usually surprised when they get them as gifts. So, we’ll see.

Next up, two Star Wars stars. Darth Maul himself, Ray Park and Rogue One star Spencer Wilding were both added to the already huge list of people going.

Ray Park Spencer Wilding

Since I’m not a Star Wars fan, this is a pass for me, which is fine because my four days will already be completely filled as it is. That being said, I think this is a real treat for the Star Wars fans that are going since MegaCon always has huge Star Wars displays and everything else Star Wars.

Next up, something for the Harry Potter fans that go to MegaCon with the announcement of Matthew Lewis.

Matthew Lewis

Much to the surprise of a lot of people. Even the people I work with, I have not read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies. They just aren’t my thing and no matter how many people try to get me to see the movies or read the books I’m just not interested. As you can probably already tell, this is a skip for me.

Next up, someone from one of my favorite cancelled too soon shows that still has a super huge following after years and years of being cancelled. Can you guess the show? It’s Firefly. Can you guess the star? It’s Gina Torres.

Gina Torres

I’m a huge FireFly fan. I’ve loved the show since someone told me that I should watch it and like everyone else I totally agree that it was cancelled way to soon, but I can also agree that the show was made way before it’s time. I could see that if the show was created maybe within the last five years that it would have actually lasted and we would have had more than just one season and a movie. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about meeting Gina Torres.

With that same announcement came the announcement of Jeri Ryan, star of Star Trek Voyager.

Jeri Ryan

I’m not a Star Trek person either…yeah I know the geek credit just keeps slipping away slowly, but I did enjoy Jeri Ryan on Body of Proof which was a short lived ABC drama with Dana Delany. While this is a skip for me, I’m sure that Star Trek fans are pleased.

With MegaCon being a kind of reunion show this year, it was no surprise that in order to celebrate 20 years of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that they would add three guests onto the lineup. The guests that will be celebrating 20 years of Buffy are James Marsters, Nicholas Brendon, and Eliza Dushku.

James Marsters Nicholas BrendonEliza Dushku

I never had a chance to actually watch Buffy 20 years ago. I really can’t believe it’s been that long. And even though it’s on my Netflix list, I won’t be getting to it as it’s basically going to go bye-bye tomorrow. Excited for the Buffy fans, but this is going to be a pass for me too.

Next up, everyone’s favorite Back to the Future villain Tom Wilson was added to the now huge list of people going to be at MegaCon.

Tom Wilson

While this is exciting for Back to the Future fans, I think they kind of missed their mark because last year they had Christopher Loyd which would have been the perfect time to have Tom Wilson there as well. This year that announcement seemed a little lackluster to me and made me give it the vote of skip.

Next up, some Stranger Things stars added to the list including Caleb Mclaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo.

Caleb McLaughlin Gaten Matarazzo

I haven’t gotten around to watching Stranger Things on Netflix yet. I know, I know, it’s an awesome show and I’m missing a lot, but it’s just not on my agenda at the moment. It’s one of those so many things to do so little time to do it in type thing. This will be a skip for me, but it’s nice to see that some mainstream shows are getting attention at MegaCon this year.

Another Netflix show star was then announced. It’s Daredevil himself Charlie Cox.

Charlie Cox

Another show that I haven’t watched on Netflix and really have no interest in watching so this is another skip for me.

Next up another blast from the past reunion coming at you with the stars of The Dukes of Hazzard.

John Schneider Tom WopatCatherine Bach

John Schneider, Tom Wopat, and Catherine Bach will all be attending MegaCon this year. As much as I love The Rocky Horror Picture show, which was way before my time, I’m not a fan of this show. So while this is exciting for some people, it’s a pass for me.

Legends of Tomorrow will be getting some exposure this year as both Arthur Darvill and Caity Lotz will be attending.

Arthur Darvill Caity Lotz

As you can probably already tell, this is another show that I’m not a fan of. There are so many of these shows on TV and Netflix at the moment that I couldn’t possibly keep up. This will also be a skip for me, but it’s still pretty cool news.

One of the last people announced withing the past few weeks was Dr. Who star Jenna Coleman.

Jenna Coleman

If you’ve ever been to MegaCon, then you know that Dr. Who has a huge presence there each and every year and is usually one of the biggest attractions. This also has one of the biggest crowds every year which doesn’t include me.

Last was a surprise announcement this week and I have to say that it was completely unexpected. While there have been some WWE people at MegaCon from time to time, I never expected to see Mike Tyson actually attend an event like this.

Mike Tyson

I’m not really a boxing fan, even though I’ve played a bunch of boxing games. Funny how that works right? Anyway, this is one of those skip things for me, but it’s pretty cool for people that are Mike Tyson fans.

That was it for the month. Some pretty exciting news and some less exciting news as well. As I’m still getting ready and seeing what autograph sessions I’m going to attend and which photo-ops I’ll be taking part in, I’m sure there will be some more announcements on the way. While I’m all up for some more big time celebrity’s, I’m really waiting for the voice actors. I know that the Dallas Expo had some pretty big names and I’m sure that MegaCon will to. I’ll be letting you know next month what’s been going on with MegaCon as we’re only a couple of months away. If there’s anything major though, I’ll make sure to update this blog sooner.



  1. Quite jealous of the line-up you guys have. I really hope they get alot of the same guests for Fan Expo Canada.

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