I Never Finished…God of War: Chains of Olympus…Because

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Like most PlayStation owners, I’m a God of War fan. In a time where some game franchises only go to certain consoles, God of War is one of those games that makes me proud to be a PlayStation owner. Its story is different and innovated even though after 6 games it is a little played out and in need of a good reboot, which should be coming soon. Anyway, like any good PlayStation owner, I’ve played all 6 games, but the kicker is that while I’ve played each and every one to the end, I never really finished any of them. Keep reading to see why I never finished Chains of Olympus.

Originally released for the PlayStation portable, anyone remember those by the way? It was the first PlayStation handheld that was released before the Vita and wasn’t a success. I mean, it’s not like the Vita is a huge success either which probably means that PlayStation should put a stop to the handhelds. Moving on though, this game was then released for the PS3 which is when I purchased it. Even though this is the fourth game in the series, it’s a prequel to the original God of War game. As always, you’ll scream your way through the game as Kratos who is currently serving out his ten year sentence of being a lapdog for the Gods. Plagued by a flute melody that his daughter used to play, it’s up to Kratos to save the world as it is plunged into darkness as the sun falls from the sky. Will Kratos be the anti-hero that he usually is or will he be tempted into letting the world end to be able to be reunited with his daughter?

I really enjoyed this game. Even though Kratos is one of those characters that screams all of his lines just to show how really angry he is, there is a lot of depth to his character. He’s an extremely flawed character and each game shows that more and more. He usually does what he thinks is right, but it seems like it never really is since he can never find happiness. That being beside the point though, this is probably one of the shorter games in the series. It’s not like these are 50-60 hour games, but still it was a pretty short game as I beat it in less than a day. I did like how it bridged the gap between games though and really tied the series together by giving you that in between.

Not a bad haul on trophies as I was able to get 25 out of the 36 trophies this game has to offer. As with all of the God of War games, I completed the whole game but never felt a reason to go back and finish getting the trophies. I always felt like when I played the game from start to finish there wasn’t really a reason to go back just for the trophies.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

I actually own this game, which is like a duh type thing because I own all of the God of War games, so what’s keeping me from playing again besides the fact that I don’t even turn on my PS3 anymore? I’m really just waiting for a release date on the new God of War so that I can go back and play each game again as a refresher before playing the new one. I plan on playing in chronological order which I think will be a nice way to go through all games and get ready for the new one.

God of War: Chains of Olympus Sleeve

Now it’s your turn. Are you a God of War fan that also played this game? Did you finish it, but not quite finish it? Maybe you actually have the platinum trophy for this game and want to brag about it. Feel free to do so in the comments section and now for next week, it’s only fitting that I played this game because it came with God of War: Chains of Olympus. Like Chains of Olympus, I finished the game start to finish, but never got all of the trophies for it. As you might have already guessed, I’ll let you know next time why I never finished God of War: Ghost of Sparta.



      • I used to own a PS3 back in the day btw. I wasn’t always a PC gamer. I’ve owned the 360, PS3, Wii, and everything under them. God of War is a generic action game as far as I’m concerned. Never got the appeal to them.

      • You did? Never knew that. Always thought you were strictly a PC gamer. What made you make the switch?

        Back to God of War, I don’t think it was always just a generic action game. The first games were really good and then after a while it got played out. I definitely think the reboot is going to be good for the series as a whole.

      • I switched when I realized how much better/cheaper PC gaming is and honestly I’m not really impressed with the new consoles. They’re just low end PCs now with games that I can find on PC easily. There’s no reason for me to own a console right now outside of Nintendo.

        PC gaming also got me into the strategy games :).

        Back to God of War, I’ve never been impressed with anything it’s tried to do and I’m not going to bother with the new one.

      • While I don’t agree with you on the whole PC is better than a console thing, I do have to agree that the PC has some really great strategy games. Not to mention that the strategy games play a lot better on the PC than they do on the console.

      • Would like to add that I meant no disrespect on your opinion of God of War :). I know God of War has a large fanbase. And I do plan on picking up a PS4 Pro later this year for Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, and others.

      • No worries, everyone has their own opinions when it comes to games and I always find it interesting to know what other people think of games.

        Look at you switching over to the PS4. Haha, I think you’re going to really enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn. It has it’s ups and downs when it comes to story vs. side mission stuff, but it’s a really neat game.

      • Horizon Zero dawn looks like a $20 max purchase for me. I’m waiting because if Nioh goes to PC I won’t need a Playstation. And I will never switch over to PS lol. Games play better on PC :). If I get one it’ll be for sports games, Bloodborne, and Nioh mostly.

      • I would say that $20 for Horizon Zero Dawn is a good price, especially since at the moment it doesn’t have any replay value after you finish the game.

        Bloodborne is one of those games that I have sitting around somewhere and I need to eventually start, I don’t know about Nioh though. I know a lot of people are playing it but I’m not sure it’s my kind of game.

      • I’m really into the Souls series so I love games like that. I’m looking forward to Nioh. It’s good to know that Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t have much replay value. Makes waiting for it easier. By the time I do get my Pro it should be at a decent price for me :). First game I’m buying is Bloodborne.

    • After looking at both lists they seem pretty equal when it comes to the platinum with the amount of time required and difficultly level. I thought both of them were about equal on the fun level.

      • Oh they were both awesome but I found Ghost of Sparta little harder. Doable though. I do have 6 GoW platinums 😀

      • I think all of the God of War games are difficult to get the platinum’s on. Congratulations on having all 6, that’s no easy task. Job well done. 🙂

  1. I actually never got around to playing this one, sadly. Got really busy with school when it was released, and just never went back. I do own it, but still sealed in the box.

    • Time to crack open that seal and play. It’s a good game, but I know what you mean with getting busy and still having games sealed in the original box.

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