I Never Finished…Uncharted 2: Among Thieves…Because

Uncharted 2: Among Theives

This was one of those rare games that I rented at first and then actually went out and bought because I enjoyed it so much. For a very long time the Uncharted series was one of those games that I played over and over again, especially this one which in my opinion is the best out of the whole series. It seems to be a trend with some games, not just this one, that the best games of the series is the second one. Makes me wonder just a little why games series go downhill after that. Anyway, even though I have much love for this game it ended up on this list. Keep reading to find out why.

Uncharted 2 is the second tale of Nathan Drake, fortune / adventure hunter. This time around though, Drake is on the hunt for the fabled Shangri-La. This will take Drake on a crazy adventure as he searches for the Cintimani Stone. He won’t be alone though, when is he ever? This time around he’ll have his usually side kick Sully with him, a new side kick / love interest Chloe, and of course we get stuck again with Elena. They aren’t alone in their hunt though as they’ll be chased by Serbian mercenaries lead by the super scary Zoran Lazarevic. Like the first game that was heavily influenced by the journeys of Sir Frances Drake, this one is influenced by Marco Polo. You get a bit of history with a bit of made up stuff just for the fun of it.

Chloe Vs. Elena: I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how Chloe is one of my favorite video game characters of all time. Anyone who knows me knows that the Chloe icon has been my PlayStation icon from day one. It’s never changed and it never will, unless they come up with an updated one. Not only is she voiced by the amazing Claudia Black, but she’s just an overall awesome character. There’s a bit of a battle between Chloe and Elena this time around as they both vie for Drake’s attention. Spoiler Alert – Elena wins in the end, but each time I play this game, I kinda hope he chooses Chloe. Anyone else feel the same? Think it’s absurd to even consider anyone else but Elena in Drake’s life? Let me know in the comments section below.

Have I said how much I absolutely love this game? It’s chock full of action and adventure and the story is superb. It takes everything that was good about the first game and expands on it by 10. It even adds multiplayer into the mix, which I usually hate, but actually ended up loving. I spent countless hours playing this game over and over again and I even did the same with the multiplayer. So then why didn’t I finish it, even though I played the game over 10 times. I just never felt comfortable playing the game on Hard or Crushing for that matter. I enjoyed playing on normal and at the time, trophies were becoming a thing for me, but they weren’t the be all and end all. I played the game because I enjoyed it, I didn’t need to go after the trophies for this game.

There are a total of 48 base game trophies, a whopping 71 in total if you count all of the DLC. Out of all of that I was able to get a decent 24. Out of that 24, 22 of them were for the base game and the other 2 were from the DLC trophies. Not all that bad, but this is one of those games that is hard to actually get 100% on. For me at least it’ll require another three full playthroughs, I haven’t played in forever and would like to start on Normal before attempting Hard and Crushing. Have I mentioned I really don’t like stackable trophies? That being said, I refuse to go from Normal to Crushing without first completing hard. This might also be one of the games where you have to beat hard first before going to crushing. It’ll also require me to go back and find all 100 treasures, do all of the weapon kills, a couple of specialty trophies, and a lot of multiplayer grinding. All in all, it’s a lot of work.

Probability of this game getting played again…5 out of 5.

I own this game, as I said before. And it is one of my favorites. It would be a good reason to start up the PS3 and get back into this game, plus I hear that the servers are still pretty active for this game if I want to go back and get some of the DLC trophies besides the platinum. I did want to go back to this game before Uncharted 4 came out but that didn’t happen because I played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune so much to get the platinum that I kind of got burnt out.

Uncharted 2: Among Theives

Now it’s your turn, were you one of the ones to get the platinum for this game? Maybe you even have the 100% because you were able to get all of the DLC trophies. Let me know in the comments section below. Also, I’m eager to hear if this was your favorite Uncharted game too or if this wasn’t your favorite which was? Now for next week, another Uncharted game because the last time I played this game was before the release of Uncharted 3. When it’s announced that a game series is coming out with a new game, I do like to go back and start at the beginning and play a couple of times before the new game comes out. This used to be an easy thing to do when I was unemployed, but it’s nearly impossible now. Anyway, next week I’ll tell you why I never finished Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.



  1. With this one, you do have to beat Hard to unlock Crushing. Thankfully that’s not the case with 3 and 4. Go for it. It feels great as it’s pretty hard. That final boss was the hardest though. He took a lot of patience 😀

    • Figured you had to beat hard to get to crushing. That boss battle is hard on normal, I’m not sure I can do it on hard or even crushing. I might get in the mood to revisit this game soon with the release of Uncharted: Lost Legacy coming out, but we’ll see.

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