Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 7 – Cancellations, Fixings, and Finishing a Cover Up

Since I’ve been working on my Mass Effect / Borderlands sleeve, which has been well over a year now, I’ve been documenting things a long the way. The last time that I visited my tattoo artist was way back in December. Since then there have been a lot of things going on. My first appointment had to be cancelled because I had the flu. The second appointment got mixed up and my tattoo artist forgot to schedule me. Third time is a charm though right? Nope, my third appointment was cancelled because this time my tattoo artist was sick. It seemed like I had no luck and I desperately needed to get some things done before MegaCon. You can’t go to a convention and show off your tattoo’s when they aren’t looking at their best.

My last tattoo that I got in December was of the lovely Liara and unfortunately there was a lot of cracking and some other problems that happen when you get tattoo’s. Needless to say it did not heal well and ended up having to be almost completely re-done. This kind of sucked and I practically cringed thinking that I had to go to MegaCon with a messed up tattoo. My artist was nice enough to change his schedule around a little in order to get me in and get my mess fixed up.

What was supposed to be a quick fix on Liara turned into about an hour and a half of work, but that wasn’t it. I also wanted my messed up paragon sign covered up for good so that I didn’t have it sticking out of my already existing FemShep tattoo. My artist and myself have been going back and forth on what we were going to cover it up with. It was a really horrible tattoo and it was hard to find something to cover it up with but we were finally able to cover it up and being the PlayStation fan girl that I am why not go with some PlayStation buttons. So that was exactly what we did. It’s a simple X, Square, Triangle, and O with some paint splatter behind it. Not only did it cover up my bad tattoo, but it also added much color into my sleeve.

<PlayStation Buttons Tattoo

The whole session took about 4 hours to fully complete, but it was well worth it as I’ll be going into MegaCon with some nice looking ink to show off. My next session though won’t be until July because of MegaCon, my tattoo artist taking a much needed vacation, and the fact that he’s overly booked as it is. I was already pretty lucky to get my July appointment. Anyway, next time we’ll be adding Claptrap to my ever growing sleeve and once it’s done I’ll let you know how it came out.



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