The Countdown to MegaCon – Part 3

MegaCon is fast approaching and is about less than a month away now. While I don’t expect there to be any more ground breaking and surprise guest announcements I can always be wrong. In the past month there was one more huge announcement as well as some announcements that I have been waiting for which included the voice actors. Let’s get into who else is going to be attending MegaCon this year.

After the amount of announcements that happened last month, I didn’t think anyone else would be announced for the main list, but I was shocked to see that legendary rocker Alice Cooper would be attending this year.


Being an Alice Cooper fan, thanks to my dad of course, I was super excited for this announcement and am eager to meet him.

Now for some news I found to be exciting. Some animation guests. Usually this isn’t all that big and we don’t get that many huge names, I mean last year we got the guy that voiced Goofy. I watched as one guy stood in line for hours waiting for him to show up and I don’t remember seeing much else going on in that line. Anyway, this year we have Billy West and Roger Bumpass.

Billy West Rodger Bumpass

While I think it’s cool that Roget Bumpass, who plays Squidward on Sponge Bob Square Pants, is going to be there, I’m totally excited about Billy West. Mostly because I’m a huge Futurama fan and I really can’t wait to meet him.

Now for the super exciting part for me that I’ve been waiting for. The voice actors. Being the video game fan that I am, this is probably the most exciting part of MegaCon for me. The voice actors that they usually get are top notch and they’re willing to spend more time with you than the big time actors / actresses that they have there. Anyway, this year we’re getting Troy Baker, Nolan North, Jennifer Hale, Ali Hillis, Charles Martinet, Briana Palencia, Mike McFarlane, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Jamie Marchi.

Troy Baker Nolan North Jennifer Hale Ali HillisColleen Clinkenbeard Brina Palencia Jamie Marchi Mike McFarlaneCharles Martinet

This is a huge lineup of voice actors and I was pleasantly surprised. On previous MegaCon attendances, I’ve already met Colleen Clinkenbeard, Jamie Marchi, Troy Baker, and Jennifer Hale, and while I’ll be skipping meeting some of these actors again I will be going back to meet Jennifer Hale because there’s always something Mass Effect related that can be signed. Other than that I’m super excited to be meeting for the first time Ali Hillis (Liara from Mass Effect), Nolan North (Nathan Drake from Uncharted), and Briana Palencia (Moxxi from Borderlands). This is really awesome for me because there hasn’t been a time when I was able to meet this many voice actors at one time.

Now it wouldn’t be MegaCon unless there were some Anime guests lined up and there are quite a few including Amanda Miller, Linda Ballantyne, Katie Griffin, Susan Roman, and Jill Frappier.

Amanda Miller Linda Ballantyne Katie Griffin Susan RomanJill Frappier

Now I know I’ll probably get a lot of crap, but I’m not an anime fan at all. I just was never able to get into it and it’s something that even though I tried, I just couldn’t. Anyway I know a lot of people are going to be excited to see a lot of these people and I think that’s great.

That was it on the announcement front. Between now and the actual event, I don’t think there are going to be many more announcements. I would be pleasantly surprised if there were and if there are I’ll go ahead and update this blog with a part four. If not, by the end of next month I’ll give giving you my full four day recap of the whole event which as you can tell I’m already super excited for and already counting down the days.

Now I know this blog is basically over, but I thought we could have a brief moment to talk about the already started cancellations.

MegaCon Cancellations

MegaCon Cancellations

These people, with only a month to go, have already cancelled their appearances at MegaCon. They include, Meat Loaf, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sean Patrick Flannery, and David Della Rocco. This is typically the norm for these types of conventions and we’ll see even more cancellations all the way up to the event themselves. Last year Lena Head cancelled two days before the show began. Anyway, even though I was supposed to meet Meat Loat, I wasn’t that upset about his cancellation nor was I upset about the Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco cancellation. What I was upset about was the Norman Reedus and Jefrey Dean Morgan cancellation. I wasn’t upset because they cancelled. Going to these events, I know this happens and it’s pointless to get upset anymore. I was upset at the event hosts themselves who sold me Photo-Op’s with them knowing that they had already cancelled prior to releasing the Photo-Op packages. Shame MegaCon. Shame!



  1. That really sucks about the cancellations. But on a positive note, the addition of Troy Baker and Nolan North is top notch. Met them at Fan Expo Canada two years ago and they were just the best.

    • Cancellations always suck, but you know how it is when you go to these shows.

      I’m looking forward to meeting Nolan North, but I met Troy Baker about two years ago and I’ll just pass on that again. It wasn’t the best experience.

      • Oh wow, i’m surprised. Tho, I will admit Nolan was the much better interaction for me.

      • Troy Baker was just a little too pompous for me. When I’ve met other voice actors they’re always so gracious if you tell them how much you enjoyed their work and it wasn’t like that when I met Troy Baker. So yeah, the once was enough.

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