The Secret Life of Pets Review

The Secret Life of Pets

Being the dog person that I am, when I see a cute animated movie about a dog, I just can’t pass it up. I was pleasantly surprised that this movie made its way onto Netflix as quick as it did, but I guess a lot of animation movies are doing this lately. Anyway, I figured why not make this my Saturday night movie since I really didn’t have anything else to watch.

Ever wonder what your animals do when you’re not home? Are they sitting there at the door waiting for you to come home even though it’s hours upon hours later when you finally return home? Or are they doing their own thing? Maybe they’re getting into things they aren’t supposed to or maybe they’re off having adventures of their own. This movie will show you the life of Max, played by Louis C.K., an extremely pampered little dog who just adores his owner Katie, played by Ellie Kemper. Max lives a nice life of trying to get his owner to never leave him before waiting patiently for her return each and every day. During the course of this he’ll get some visits from his apartment building friends who have also been left by their owners for the day. Max’s whole world will be turned upside down though when Katie decides to bring home Duke, played by Eric Stonestreet. Max and Duke won’t get along and it’ll lead them into an interesting adventure throughout the course of the movie.

I really liked this movie. I thought it was cute and funny and really had everything that an animation movie should have. It was also touching and had a life lesson in there as well. Basically what I got from the movie was that at first you might not like someone, but you really don’t know where they came from and why they are the way they are. When you get to truly understand that person you see them in a new light. Being an animation movie, it was super uplifting and had the ultra happy ending that every animation movie has even if there is a little sadness thrown in there for good measure to show that not everything is always rainbows and butterflies.

The voice acting in this movie was top notch and really made the movie. Louis C.K. is the obvious star as well as Eric Stonestreet, but the supporting cast of characters was pretty damn awesome as well. Keven Hart plays this little demented bunny Snowball who wants to see the demise of all humans after his magician owner gets rid of him when no one wants to see him pull Snowball out of a hat anymore and Jenny Slate (who I think is brilliant in Bob’s Burgers) does an awesome job of playing Gidget the little dog across the street who is in love with Max but too afraid to tell him. Everyone who was in this movie was actually really great and it really made the movie.

Overall I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

A little slow at times, I felt a couple of places dragged or were over done, but an overall great experience and a really great movie. If you have kids, this is a must watch movie even though you’ll probably be regretting it when they ask you to watch the movie 100 times again. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s a cool little movie to sit back and relax to watch. Have a couple of laughs, a couple of heart warming moments and maybe even learn a lesson. Depending on how you feel about animation movies, I would way to give this one a try. It’s not an adult movie, but not all movies have to be.


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