I Never Finished…WWE ’12…Because

WWE '12

After trying time after time again to find a WWE game that felt like what I used to play on my PS2, I stumbled across this game on my PS3. I had seen the previews and even went the extra step of pre-ordering the game to make sure that I actually played it for longer than a day. But here it is, another WWE game added to my I never finished list. Keep reading to see why it ended up here.

What can I say about WWE ’12. It’s basically like all of the other WWE games out there, but then again like most sport related games, this is usually what happens. The roster changes from year to year, but the core game stays the same. It has a bunch of different game modes from story mode, to WWE Universe, to GM mode. All of them are time consuming, but are basically the same thing. With story mode you’ll follow a specific WWE star and then switch to another one when the time is right. With WWE Universe you’ll go from week to week, show to show, playing the superstar(s) of your choice and in GM mode you’ll basically control the matches that go on making your show popular or not. There’s a bunch of different things to do when it comes to this game.

Out of all the WWE games that I’ve played on my PS3, and anyone who has followed this blog knows that I played a lot, I actually enjoyed this game. I knew I would find the right one eventually! I just knew it! I liked the story mode, I liked the WWE Universe mode, and I even liked the GM mode. Was it the same re-used formula that had been done before? Sure, but there was something different about this game that I liked more than the other WWE games. No idea why, maybe because I actually owned it instead of renting it (by this time I couldn’t rent anymore games because my local Blockbuster had sadly closed. RIP Blockbuster. RIP.) Or maybe it was because I was still horribly unemployed and didn’t have much else to do. I really can’t say, but this became my WWE game and I enjoyed the time I had with it. Even though I enjoyed my time, I still didn’t finish it? Why? Because after playing for months, I soon became bored of the same old tired routine and simply switched to something else. Sometimes it happens.

As you can see from the picture above, this was the WWE game that I got the most trophies out of. Out of the possible 50 trophies, I was able to get 34. I was so close to the platinum and was actually working on it before I got bored. This was the beginning of my trophy hunting days. While not that successful in the beginning, I was a work in progress. Anyway, I’m missing a few trophies that would require some grinding along with those pesky three multiplayer trophies because I just had no interest in the multiplayer aspect of this game.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

Even though I still to do this day own the game, I’m just not wanting to go back and play it at all. One of the main reason’s that’s holding me back is the fact that the servers are closed. Of course they are! This means that no matter how hard I tried, I could get some of the remaining trophies that I needed, which would require some grinding, but not much, but I could never get those damn multiplayer trophies. What would be the point? No matter what I did I would always be 3 trophies away from the platinum. This would suck. Big time. So it’s a no go for me.

WWE '12

Now it’s your turn. Play this game? Love it / Hate it? Do you have the platinum trophy or are you like me where you feel it’s not even worth the effort anymore because of the closed servers? Let me know in the comments section below. Now for next week, a game that I played before trophies were even a thing. I mean I was totally shocked when I hooked up this game, while connected online, and was like whoa there are trophies. I’ll let you know why I never finished Grand Theft Auto IV.


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