I Never Finished…Grand Theft Auto IV…Because

Grand Theft Auto IV

This was my very first PS3 game. It was the main reason why I actually bought a PS3 to begin with. Being the GTA fan that I was and still kinda am, I was so pissed when this game didn’t come to the PS2 because I wasn’t ready to make that jump yet. I loved my PS2 and nothing could replace it. Expect for the PS3 and all of the games that I was missing. Anyway, as much as I played this game and actually enjoyed it, the trophies didn’t come until I actually hooked my PS3 up to the internet, which if you read this blog you know long that took me. Anyway, after replaying again, I still never finished it. Keep reading to find out why.

In Grand Theft Auto IV you play Niko Bellic. He’s a Russian immigrant coming to the USA for the first time because of his cousin Roman. Cousin Roman has talked up the USA so much that Niko thinks it’s just this huge land of opportunity. He wants to live like Cousin Roman, who has been talking out of his ass way too much. Anyway, Niko will soon realizes that Cousin Roman was lying and he’ll resort to a life of crime in order to live the American Dream.

While this wasn’t the best rated GTA game out there, I actually enjoyed this game. I used to play all the time until I got to this one mission where I would lose horribly each time and then restart my game over thinking that if I did things differently I would get to said mission and then beat it. Nope, didn’t happen. I kept trying for a long time before finally giving up and moving on. Like many of the GTA games I never finished this one. I didn’t even get a lot of the trophies either.

Out of the 66 trophies there are for this game, 51 for the base with the rest being DLC related, I was only able to get 12 trophies. That’s right, 12 trophies. 9 were for the main game and the other 3 were for the DLC The Lost and the Damned. These trophies were just hard and by the time I played this game again to get trophies, I was just done with it and didn’t even get up to the part that I kept losing at.

Probability of this game getting played again…1 out of 5.

Even though I own this game, I really have no interest in revisiting it. I’ve played it so much that I’m just done with it and trophies be damned. I thought that when GTA V was going to be released that I would want to go back and play, just to get into things, but nope had zero interest then and zero interest now.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Now it’s your turn. Did you play this game before there were even trophies like I did and then go back for the trophies? Did you love this game, hate it, thought it was just meh? Let me know in the comments section. Now for next week, a game that I played for hours upon hours upon hours but got a big fat goose egg when it came to trophies. The reason why I never finished it or got any trophies was simple, but we’ll go into it more next week when I let you know why I never finished DC Universe Online.


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