This Week in Trophies 05-14-2017 – 05-20-2017

I tried to game as much as possible this week, and I think I did an OK job. I did hit some milestones as I finished my second playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda like I wanted to, and I also finished my first playthrough of Dead Island – Definitive Edition. Other than that, it was a busy week and I couldn’t find that much time to game. Anyway, let’s take a look at what trophies I was able to get this week.

Mass Effect: Andromeda – 84%

Like I said earlier, I finished my second playthrough of this game and even though I’m eager to start my third and final playthrough, I’m not sure when I’m going to start yet. There’s also the question of if I want to play on insanity or do the 5 gold runs in the multiplayer. Granted, I haven’t played the multiplayer all that much so I’m a little unsure of what to do here. Anyway, it probably won’t be this week that I start a new game of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but it will be soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Mass Effect: Andromeda

Gems of War – 87%

There’s usually something that pulls me back into this game each time and this time it was the fact that there was some new DLC added and with that DLC came three new trophies. I of course had to try and get as many of these trophies as I could because I hate that it kills my completion each and every time something new is added. Anyway, this time it was Guild Wars. My guild is pretty small, but at least the trophies aren’t that hard to get.

Gems of War Gems of War

Dead Island – Definitive Edition – 51%

I was happy to at least finish this game this week and get through all four acts. I have to say that this was one really crappy remaster of a game that wasn’t really all that good to begin with. I thought the remaster would be different because of a couple of different things, but it hasn’t been that great of an overall experience. Anyway, I’m unsure if I’ll go for the platinum trophy or not for this game.

Dead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition Dead Island - Definitive EditionDead Island - Definitive Edition

And that was it for the week. For this upcoming week, I have no idea what to expect. I’ll have about four days to game and then I’m off to MegaCon which means no gaming. It’s a tough decision, going to a pretty big convention and meeting a bunch of awesome celebrities or staying home and gaming. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, if I do get some gaming time in while I’m not prepping for my trip to MegaCon, I’m not really sure what I’ll play and I doubt I’ll start something new. I might not even get any trophies next week. Either way I’ll let you know.


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