Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Alice Cooper

The last autograph session for Thursday was with Alice Cooper. After a minor argument with the head VIP crew person about whether or not Alice Cooper was at his booth or not, which began with him looking at me like I was a moron and telling me that Alice Cooper was currently in his photo-op and I would be escorted when he got to his booth before I interrupted him with a “Dude, take a look down the row. Alice Cooper is right there. See him?”, I got my favorite crew member, Jay who knew I was right all along because he also seen Alice Cooper sitting at his booth signing autographs, to escort me to Alice Cooper’s booth. This one was basically for my dad who is a huge Alice Cooper fan. Every year my dad and I discuss if we’re going to go the following year. Sometimes he’s more reluctant than others even after we have everything planned, but that all changed when Alice Cooper was announced. Alice Cooper talked to my dad, shook his hand, personalized his autographed and really made the experience great for him. It was all he really talked about for most of the weekend.

When it was time for my autograph, I brought him an original 1979 comic book, that I had found on eBay while looking for something original for him to sign. I never even knew that there was an Alice Cooper comic book. But I was browsing one day and I knew I had to bring that with me to get signed because it was a once in a lifetime type of thing especially because Stan Lee was also going to be at MegaCon. More to come on that story later. Anyway, I heard a really great story about the comic book which was super cool. Alice Cooper told me how he had talk to Stan Lee about the comic book just recently, and told him how much he loved how he was drawn in the comic book because it made him look like he had abs. Not only did Alice Cooper sign the comic book but he even flipped through a couple of pages to reminisce. How many people can say that they had Alice Cooper flip through the Alice Cooper comic book?

Alice Cooper Autograph



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