Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Barry Bostwick

To kick off MegaCon 2017 on Thrusday, my first autograph session was with Barry Bostwick. Barry Bostwick is mostly known from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and then later on from Spin City. Since he was basically the only one who showed up on time his line was super long. I have to say that when stars go that extra mile and show up on time it makes everything work out a lot better so that you’re not rushing around frantically trying to see did this person come yet, how about this person or asking some crew member, who has no idea, what time so and so is going to be coming to his or her table. This year because there was so many people that I had wanted to meet, I bought myself and my dad, since this is our annual father/daughter trip, VIP passes. Boy did this pay off and have its benefits. The way MegaCon had it set up this year, there wasn’t a VIP line for each celebrity, but a VIP escort that you would go to when you wanted an autograph and they would escort you to the line of your choice. If you wanted more than one autograph they would spend the time escorting you around the whole floor. Very helpful. I know this probably makes me sound like a jackass, but I was able to cut the whole line with my own personal escort, who actually throughout all of MegaCon became one of the most helpful crew members. Each day he remembered who I was and made sure to stop and check to see if everything had been going well. More about him later and onto the experience of meeting Barry Bostwick.

Barry was a super nice guy, he was super friendly and very genuine. He had no problem at all personalizing my autograph, because when it comes to autographs that really makes all the difference, which was for my Rocky Horror Picture Show movie poster. Not only did he personalize it, but he went the extra mile and he wrote in his own little funny comment, from the movie, which was just amazing. This made the experience even more enjoyable and memorable because he did that. I have to say that after meeting Barry, the expectations for meeting everyone else for the rest of MegaCon were pretty high after that experience.

Barry Bostwick Autograph



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