Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Billy West

Next up on Friday was Billy West. I had kind of planned for Friday to be one of those voice actor days, but unfortunately Nolan North didn’t show up that day, but I got a surprise autograph that I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get. More on that later though. I was pretty excited to meet Billy West since I’m a huge Futurama fan. I mean I’ve watched the series more than once and continue to watch it whenever it’s on. It was just one of those adult orientated cartoons that was funny without being overly vulgar like Family Guy can be at times. Then there were those episodes that were just touching and had me reaching for the Kleenex like The Luck of the Fryrish and Game of Tones. Being the huge star that Billy West is, Futurama isn’t the only thing that he’s done, his line was super long and required a little VIP power.

When I got up for my turn with the autograph he was super nice and I told him how much I loved Futurama. He thanked me and then even asked if I was having a good time at the convention so far and what interesting things I had seen. I told him about the spray paint artist, Nathan Salmon, that he had to see when he got a chance to walk the floor while he autographed my photo. We chatted for a little longer and when he was done he said in his best Fry voice, “Shut up and take my money!” as he handed me my autograph. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome.

Billy West Autograph


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