Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Brina Palencia

For Friday, my first autograph was from a category that I look forward to every year and that’s the voice actors. Being the huge gamer that I am, these autographs are some of the most important for me because you get to meet the person behind the voice. Sometimes you can play a video game for over 100 hours and it’s nice to actually meet that person and tell them how much you enjoyed his or her work. At that point it kind of shows that the whole voice acting maters thing is true. If some games didn’t have those characters that bring you back in every time would you really play them all that much? But this blog isn’t about that it’s about meeting one of those voice actors, so first on my list was Brina Palencia. I have to give her credit because she was there all four days, showed up on time and I don’t think there was a time when I passed by her booth and she wasn’t there. So major props to her. You guys probably know why I went to her if you read this blog. Obviously she’s Moxxi from Borderlands. And seriously, if you play Borderlands how could you not want to meet the voice behind Moxxi? While waiting in line, I didn’t use my VIP power this time around, I was schooled on how big of an anime voice actor she is by a crew member who then looked at me like I was a freak of nature when I said I was only there because of Borderlands. Luckily that conversation ended quick and it was my turn.

This time around I got two autographs because I wanted my Borderlands 2 poster signed along with a separate Moxxi print. This poster already has two signatures from Colleen Clinkenbeard and Jamie Marchi, and it’s my one day goal to have the whole cast sign it. How awesome would that be? Here’s what’s interesting though, the single Moxxie picture that I had signed is from the Borderlands 2 DLC Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage. It’s one of those many Moxxi pictures that you have to pick up off the floor if you want to get the trophy and it’s also the same picture that I hope to eventually add to my tattoo sleeve. Anyway, she personalized both autographs for me and when I told her how much I adored Moxxi she gave me her best Moxxi, “Why thank you Sugar,” which as you can imagine made my day. That say’s a lot because it was right at the beginning of the day, so once again for Friday, my expectations for the rest of the day became pretty high.

Brina Palencia AutographBrina Palencia Autograph


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