Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Stan Lee

I knew going to MegaCon that there was a 10% of getting this autograph. I was lucky enough to get in on one of his many photo-op’s that quickly and I mean quickly sold out, but even with a VIP badge there is no guarantee you’ll get his autograph. Each day you’re looking at line that’s probably more than 1,000 people. No joke. The Stan Lee line wraps around longer than any other line and usually ends up going into someone else’s line no matter how much space they reserve for him. If you’re looking for a guarantee, you have to buy the Stan Lee experience, which after everything that I had already spent was not in my budget. Well Friday, it just so happens that I got really lucky.

I bought my Stan Lee autograph ticket on Friday knowing that I just might have to go back and return my ticket on Sunday and get my money back. That’s how the Stand Lee autographs work. First you stand in line to buy a ticket, and then you get back in line and actually line up for the autograph. The fact that there was so much confusion on Friday played in my favor as the Stan Lee crew didn’t know where to send half of the VIP’s who bought an autograph ticket so they sent me to the VIP escort desk along with some other people not realizing that there was already a VIP line which was already out the door and in someone else’s line. Cut to 10 minutes later when there was ANOTHER VIP line coming in the other way with some guy screaming “what the hell are these people doing in the exit!”

Because of this the VIP line that I was on was just pushed ahead and they just wanted to get rid of us, meaning that within the next ten minutes I had my Stan Lee autograph on my Alice Cooper comic book which I had signed the previous day by Alice Cooper.

Stan Lee Autograph

Maybe It’s Just Me? I kind of think that the Stan Lee autograph session was done all wrong. When you get up to the autograph area some guy grabs your ticket and your merchandise before sliding it down to Stan Lee. Once you get to stand in front of Stan Lee, they work the man like a machine as some guy tells him where to sign and talks to him about business matters. Seriously? You’re item is then pushed down the line for you to pick back up. I barely got out a “Thank you, Mr. Lee” before being rushed along to pick up my waiting comic. While that made me a little upset, I’m still really grateful that I got to see Stan Lee and to have his autograph. I understand that the line is ridiculously long, but still. Like I said. Maybe it’s just me.



    • I don’t want to sound ungrateful that I got the chance to meet him or anything, but seriously the line-up for him is done all wrong.

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