Autograph Session – MegaCon 2017 – Famke Janssen

After meeting Felicia Day, I realized that Famke Janseen had finally come out to her booth, after there was some debate on whether or not she would come out before her photo-op and panel, and basically rushed to the nearest VIP escort to get pushed to the front of her line because I had my photo-op with Felicia Day in 10 minutes. I was cutting it super close and I totally knew this which made me even more nervous than I already was because I was about to meet the original Dr. Jean Grey.

There were five other VIP’s in front of me and I was a nervous wreck as I kept checking the time. When it was finally my turn, I knew I had to be quick so I told her how much I loved her as Eve in How to Get Away with Murder. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder how could you not love the character that she played? She played it to sheer perfection. She smiled and thanked me as she signed my autographs. Totally forgetting about X-Men, I knew it would be my only chance to ask her a question so I asked her if she would be on How to get Away with Murder again. I got a smile out of her as she said to me “you never know” and finished up. It was a quick autograph session, but the line was huge and I had a schedule to keep.

Famke Janssen AutographFamke Janssen Autograph

Bad Reputation for No Reason Before going in for the autograph and photo-op I had kind of heard some bad things about Famke Janssen and none of them were true. She was super nice for the autograph session and in the photo-op as well. Her only request was that she not be touched. I respectfully made my way over to her said hello with a wave before standing at a decent distance next to her. I got a great smile out of her and thanked her for the experience of meeting her and the photo-op she looked surprised like no one had ever thanked her before and said “you’re welcome” before I was ushered out.



  1. I curious as to why she requests not to be touched? I have actually never heard that from all my photo-ops before.

    • We were also told not to touch Stan Lee, but we were allowed to get close to him. I’m not complaining but I had to actually stand a few inches away from her. I do have a story about another photo-op with her that wasn’t mine, but you’ll have to wait until I post that one. πŸ˜‰

      I really think it’s just one of her things. She kind of stays a little further back from you when she’s at the table while she signs so that you don’t get to close. Everyone else is kind of in your face as much as you’re in theirs. She really is a nice person though, just maybe a little nervous.

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