Overheard at the Convention

When you’re at a convention, everyone basically talks to everyone. If you’re standing in line, the person behind you talks to you or a crew member will be extra chatty. Everyone is always friendly because there’s no judgement and everyone is there for the same reason. When you’re in line with someone for an autograph or a photo-op you bond even more because for some reason you’re there to meet that celebrity or take your photo with that celebrity for sometimes the same reason. This also happens at panels as you sit next to random people and to kill time until the panel starts you chat. Anyway, I heard some interesting things at this years MegaCon and I thought I would share it with you because who doesn’t like to be a little gossip every now and again?

The first thing I overheard was when I was standing in line at the MegaCon shop. At the time, I listened to what seemed to be this cute couple dressed at Captain America and Black Widow talk about their future plans and kids. Having an extra 20% off coupon I was going to turn around and hand it to them until they reached the Love is Love comic book. When her husband was looking at the comics I heard her say, “Ew! Don’t pick that up, it has gay stuff in it.” Being part of the LGBT community I took a deep breath and bit my tongue as I heard the husband say, “You’re right this stuff is gross and doesn’t belong here.” Seriously? Needless to say, this couple did not get my extra 20% discount.

Then there was the guy and girl standing next to me on the photo-op line for Stan Lee. At first I thought they were a cute couple that looked loving as everyone was excited about getting a picture with Stan Lee, that was until the guy opened his mouth. It started with telling his girlfriend that she stepped on his new shoes and how would she like it if he did it to her. It grew worse from there until he was basically verbally abusing her and threatened her that if she ruined his $300 Guardians of the Galaxy print that he would cut her. WTF! All the girl did was stand there with her head down. Then I had to listen to him tell someone how he bought a VIP ticket for himself but he wasn’t wasting that kind of money on her. Some guys are just assholes.

My next story comes to you via some random guy sitting next to me as we waited for the Famke Janssen panel. He was having the absolute worst day ever in the most dramatic fashion. And he kept repeating it until I asked him why he was having the worst day ever. Big mistake. Huge mistake because the flood gates opened. Everyone except this guy apparently was told that at the photo-op with Famke Janssen that she doesn’t want to be touched so don’t touch her. Can you guess where this story is going? This guy touched her and she freaked the fuck out. Like total meltdown kind of freak out. Seriously though, they told everyone no to touch her. I’m sure they didn’t miss this guy because you were literally stopped and told not to touch her and have to give some kind of understanding of the notion that you couldn’t touch her. And then he was pissed because Ian Somerhalder was there and he just hated him because this one time he insulted her sister. This conversation went on so long that I zoned out and thanked God when the panel started. I felt trapped there and wished I had a Wild E. Coyote sign that said “Help Me!” After the panel was over the guy booked it out of there and the guy that was behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me how bad he felt for me. I thanked him and we chatted about the weird conversation as we waited for the Jeri Ryan panel.

Wild E. Coyte

While waiting to get down to the floor show, I was chatted up by this nice guy that was trying to go to as many panels as possible. When he said that he went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show panel, I asked him how it was since I missed it and apparently I missed a lot. While Nell Campbell was telling a story, Patricia Quinn said that she was lying and asked her to tell the correct story. When Nell refused, Patricia walked off stage never to return. The moderator tried to go after her while Nell Campbell and Barry Bostwick continued to talk to the audience but Patricia Quinn never returned and the panel went on without her.

While waiting for Nolan North, I watched Troy Baker’s handler come out and get things ready. Disappointed at the small line Troy had, he started calling out to people asking if they wanted to meet Troy. Who doesn’t want to meet Troy? It’s not like other big voice actors were there, I mean he was stationed between Jennifer Hale and Nolan North, but you know who are they compared to Troy Baker? Apparently Troy won’t come out until he has a huge line of people waiting for him. Diva much?

And that was just about everything I heard at MegaCon 2017. Some of it was sucky, some of it was downright outrageous, some of it was interesting and gossipy, and other things just proved a point about Troy Baker that I already knew.



  1. Not everyone likes the same things. My best friend is lesbian and I’ve known her since I was 11 years old. I have no problem saying that I don’t really read,watch, or seek out any LGBT stuff. It’s not for me, but I’ll never disrespect it. And lol on Troy Baker. Did he really not want to come out because there wasn’t enough people there?

    • Thank you for that, it was just the whole disrespect thing that made me a little pissed off. If you’re going to be disrespectful in that manner then Conventions aren’t for you. It’s supposed to be a safe space for everyone. I thought it was a really great thing that MegaCon did this year with the Love is Love comic book especially since the proceeds went to charity.

      Haha! I’m super serious when it comes to Troy Baker. The people in his line were getting a little antsy as his handler would text him back and forth. When I did see him come out, he didn’t look too happy because he only had a handful of people on his line.

      • I would have brought a copy of Love is Love just to support charity and I would have read it too so I wouldn’t waste my money. I was just talking to my friend about Pride month before I read this. She wants me to take her to Key West to celebrate :).

        Troy Baker sounds like a Diva alright :). Some people should appreciate their fans more. I wouldn’t care if two people came to see me I would go out and greet them with a big smile. What they fail to realize is without fans they would be a nobody.

      • A trip to Key West is always fun, but during Pride month? That would be crazy fun.

        Troy Baker is totally a diva! I agree with you 100%, if you have one person on your line you should go out there and treat that person like he or she is your biggest fan. He’s such a generic voice actor anyway, it’s not like he’s really played anything special or out of the ordinary. If you think about it, the only reason why he’s known so much is because of the amount of work that he’s done not really the quality.

      • I think Key West is going to be a blast :). And I haven’t spent time with my friend since my last son was born so we’re both really looking forward to it :).

        Troy Baker is everywhere, but I agree with you. I can think of much better voice actors than him.

      • That’s awesome, I hope you have a really great time!

        100% agree, there are much better voice actors than him and more appreciative of the fan base then he is.

  2. Wowww, quite some interesting stories. And I am surprised Troy is like that. Quite a Diva I must agree.

    • You hear some interesting things at conventions. Also, unless you want Famke Janssen to freak out on you, you don’t touch her. Seriously, I seen people with no lines that were just happy to be there and were happy when people did actually come on line.

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