MegaCon 2017 – Full Breakdown

While this wasn’t my first MegaCon ever, this was actually my fourth show, it was the first time that I went for all four days. Believe me this is no easy thing. You go through all of these emotions from the four days that it’s just crazy. On Thursday you’re super excited and sometimes a little nervous because you don’t know the setup or how everything is going to be. On Friday you kind of feel like a pro since you spent most of Thursday wandering around. Saturday your still pretty excited depending on what you’re doing, but the thrill of being at the convention is dwindling and by Sunday you are dead tired. You want to finish up and get the hell out of there.

I will say that out of all the MegaCon’s that I’ve been to, this one was probably the best and most exciting. I had sprung for some VIP tickets which meant a lot of saving throughout the year, but it was well worth it. The VIP pass gives you access to a lot more things and it also has a bunch of benefits. In the past years I was lucky if I was able to get one or two autographs at most, but this year I was able to get a total of 14 autographs as well as have front row seating at 4 panels. I was also granted priority access to the photo-op’s which was nice. I have to say though that with the photo-op’s even if you didn’t have VIP passes, you were still able to get your pictures taken, but by that time the celebrities had seen anywhere from 100+ people and they look a little tired themselves.

That being said all four days were action packed ones and there wasn’t a day that I wasn’t busy. I did get to do my usual walking around, but felt this year that a lot of the vendors and artists at Artist Alley were the same from last year and there really wasn’t anything new. By Friday I felt like I had seen it all and there was nothing left to see. The amount of Cosplay this year was top notch like it usually is. There were a bunch of Overwatch characters this year as well as the usual comic Cosplay.

MegaCon 2017 Cosplay MegaCon 2017 CosplayMegaCon 2017 Cosplay MegaCon 2017 CosplayMegaCon 2017 Cosplay MegaCon 2017 Cosplay

One of the most interesting things I had seen all weekend came courtesy of artist Nathan Salmon, you should follow him on Twitter @salmnat. This guy is just amazing and can basically create anything you want in under three minutes. I had him create three pieces of art work for me and he even let me tape him working on two. The first piece he created was a simple rainbow waterfall and the second piece was from Fallout. Check out the videos below.

Like I said before, I was also able to attend four panels throughout the weekend. One for was Richard Dean Anderson, Famke Janssen, Jeri Ryan, and Mass Effect with Jennifer Hale and Ali Hillis. Luckily I was able to record all four and you can watch them below.

I have to say that out of all the MegaCon’s that I’ve been to, this was by far the best one. I had a really great time and I don’t know how next year will top this year, but as always I’m excited to find out.

MegaCon T-Shirt Challenge!

I know you guys are all wondering how this impossible challenge went for me. From my gaming goals for the year, you can see that I like a challenge, so I challenged myself to wear a different T-shirt for each photo-op I had planned and each selfie. I have to say that it actually went quite well and here is a breakdown of everything:
• Rocky Horror Duo Photo-Op with Nell Campbell and Patricia Quinn – COMPLETE! – Wore a Rocky Horror Picture Show shirt I got at the convention.

• Stan Lee Photo-Op – COMPLETE! – Wore a Deadpool shirt.

• Billy West Selfie – FAIL! – I couldn’t find a Futurama T-shirt before the convention or at the convention.

• Alice Cooper Photo-Op – COMPLETE! – Wore an Alice Cooper T-shirt.

• Felicia Day Photo-Op – COMPLETE! – I wore a Guild T-shirt.

• Famke Janssen Photo-Op – COMPLETE! – I wore a Jean Grey X-Men T-shirt.

• Ali Hillis Selfie – COMPLETE! – I wore a N7 T-shirt.

• Jennifer Hale Selfie – COMPLETE! – I wore the same N7 T-shirt.

• Tim Curry Photo-Op – COMPLETE! – I wore my Rocky Horror Picture Show T-shirt.

• Elyes Gabel Selfie – FAIL! – I didn’t think I was going to meet him or even take a selfie so I wasn’t prepared.

• Nolan North Selfie – COMPLETE! – I wore an Uncharted 4 T-shirt.

So out of every photo-op and selfie I only missed two. Not bad right? Since this year was such a success I plan on doing the same thing next year. We’ll see if I’m able to beat or match my record.



  1. Awesome post! I was recommended your blog by Matt at TheAlbum blog. I came here because I love video games as well and seen that you attended Megacon!!!! So did I, I love in Orlando so I had to go. We had the artist make us a Wonder Woman spray paint picture and it was fantastic, I recorded it as well. He was one of my favorite artists (him and the guy making maps out of cloth😊). Glad you had fun!


    • Thank you so much for reading, I’m going to have to send a thank you to Matt for recommending me! The Wonder Woman picture you had done looks amazing! I love how he was able to do whatever you wanted right on the fly like that. The guy making the maps out of cloth was pretty cool as well, but it was so crowded that when I went back to look for him I completely forgot where he was and missed picking something up.

      • It’s awesome. I hope he’s at the Tampa Bay comic con in July so that I can have some more pieces made lol

      • That would be awesome if he was there. I picked up three pieces from him, but I don’t feel like it was enough lol!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like such a great weekend! Last yea for Fan Expo, I went all out, and did it all, but this year I have to really cut back as I am planning a backpacking trip at the end of the year. I have limited myself to only 5 guests lol.

    • This year was a special treat. Not really sure I’ll be able to do it next year, but I’ll try.

      Only 5 guests? You guys have a huge lineup. Which 5 guests are you going to go see?

      • Yea, it will be really hard to limit, and with them still adding guests, will have to be selective. So far it seems like Paul Weasley, Nathan Fillion, Matthew Lewis, Khary Payton, David Ramsey & maybe Stephen Amell. I’m going to be doing an “extra” scene with him and Robbie for their new film, so if I can get a picture and autograph there, I’ll be good, and can use the space for anyone else new.

      • Nice list, but no Lena Headey or Felicia Day? Seriously? I know what you mean about limiting though. It’s really hard to limit yourself when you want to see everyone who they announce.

      • Sorry, should have been more clear lol. Lena Headey and Felicia Day I am hoping to get table selfies from. As I want an autograph from both. The photo ops I find ring up the most, especially because I always add on the digital print. I would prefer them do the digital print, and a hard copy for the additional. Oh well 😦

      • Oh OK! Althought I like the photo-op’s I find myself also needing that digital copy that add’s another $10 to the already high price. The photo-op’s are also pretty rushed as they try to get you in and out. Out of all the photo-op’s and selfies I had done at MegaCon, my selfies were my favorites because the person takes more time with you and makes sure that you’re happy with the picture unlike the photo-op where no matter what they’re like “Oh it’s great, next.”

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