I Never Finished…Hard Corps: Uprising…Because

Hard Corps: Uprising

This was another one of those free PS+ games that I just had to play because well it was free. Like I said, at the time I was horribly unemployed and free games were like gold to me because it meant that I got to play a bunch of games for free. It didn’t matter if I liked them or not because they were free. Anyway, this one quickly got added to the list so keep reading to find out why.

Hard Corps: Uprising is about…I have no idea. All I remember from this game is that it was a side scroller and that’s about it. This seriously has to be the shortest paragraph that I’ve ever written about a game, but a lot of these PS+ games are free for a reason.

Anyway, obviously I never finished because I kind of sucked at it. I remember I hooked it up to play and died over and over and over again until I just gave up, tossed my controller to the side and shut the game off. I never turned the game on again even though it still sits on my PS3 to this day. I’m not bad at side scrolling games, but for some reason I was just horrible at this one and because of that I didn’t finish the game.

As you can see from the picture above was only able to get 1 out of 12 trophies. I got the trophy for defeating 10 Privates in arcade mode and that was about it. So apparently I played Arcade mode, but I’m not sure if I even gave the Rising mode a try.

Probability of this game getting played again…0 out of 5.

Like I said before, for some reason this game still sits on my PS3, probably because it’s not taking up much space at all, but I have no intention of ever playing it again. It would be one of those games where I would play it again if there was nothing and I mean nothing left to play ever again.

As always, it’s your turn now. Did you download this game for free like I did thanks to PS+? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments section. As for next week, we have another free PS+ game, and this one I actually liked. I still never finished it, but at least I did like it. I’ll tell you why I never finished Sideway: New York.


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