Frequently Asked Video Game Questions – How do you get the most out of your PS Vita?

Submitted by Anonymous How do you get the most out of your PS Vita?

Seeing as how I haven’t picked up my Vita in months, I’m probably not the person who should be answering this but I’m going to try. I know that games and overall content for the PS Vita is extremely limited. It was Sony’s big second chance at a handheld device and frankly it’s kind of a failure. It’s not as bad as the PlayStation Portable, but it’s still not a success like Nintento has had with its handheld devices. Anyway, here are some of the ways that I feel like I’ve gotten the most out of my PS Vita over the years:

• If you’re a PS+ member, which I am, download the games that you’re given for free every month. You’re guaranteed at least two so download them and play them.
• Download the “free” games from the Free Game section in the PS store. I say “free” because they all come with micro-transactions, like all of these games do, but they’re still fun and will help you make use of your Vita.
• Purchase Vita games that are on sale. I never found a full priced Vita game that was a must have for me and waited until each of them were on sale. If you buy them on disk you can always re-sell them later on, but if you download them I would say don’t pay more than $5.00.
• If you have PS4, use you PS Vita for remote play. You have to have a good internet connection in order to do so, but it’s worth it. For me, I like to use my PS Vita for remote play with Gems of War. It’s a simple to play game and works just fine on the PS Vita.

Hope that helps you start making the most out of your PS Vita. That reminds me, I should probably start using my PS Vita again.

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